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At this point during the off-season there really inst a whole let to gossip about. We can speculate for hours about free agency and the draft but that is getting a little tiresome. I thought for fun we could just try and talk about something else. I decided to make a list of the players I would have at each position if I was going to build a franchise. I would have the option of taking ANYONE I want but I based my decions on long term success and long term potential.

QB1- Peyton Manning...I personally believe that in the right system he is the most prolific passer in the NFL. He could start for one or two seasons until Vick is truly ready.

QB2- Michael Vick...Before Vick can be the total package he needs to learn how to become more of an accurate pocket passer, learn to read defenses, and learn to audible. Manning excels at these three things and Vick could learn a ton from him.

RB1- Ladanian Tomlinson...For three straight years he has put up terrific numbers while being the primary and basically only weapon on a weak Chargers offense. This kid is something special and is still young. With a solid passing attack he could be incredible. Plus he’s durable.

RB2- Deshaun Foster...I just love the way this kid runs. He has such heart and energy and is lightning fast. I watched him play in college and thought that he would be a first rounder if not for his injuries. He can be a pro-bowler and would be a great complimentary back.

FB1- Sam Gash...Don’t follow this position too closely but Gash is a bruising blocker.

WR1- Laveranues Coles...A tremendous athlete, competitor, and person. He comes to play every game, will play hurt, and has a fantastic work ethic. I think he will only get better and he is still young. A good locker room leader and will not cause any problems.

WR2- Chad Johnson...This guy is flashy but its more in good humor then troublesome. He has a great size-speed combination that is clearly very potent. He runs good routes and has soft hands. Another young player.

WR3- Steve Smith...I want the WR corps to all be relatively young since I want to keep them together for a long time. And since this is my fantasy my team WILL have enough salary cap room. Hes a little guy but runs hard and fast. He runs decisive patterns and is ridiculous on the slants.

TE1- Todd Heap...I like him more then Shockey b/c I feel like he is a complete player. He will block, go over the middle, and grind it out. He is quiet and does not stir up trouble. He leads by example.

TE2- Alge Krumpler...A bruiser who can block the hell outta you and can also go deep. The Redskins had trouble covering him this year and I like his physical style.

T1- Jonathan Ogden...Not much can be said, this guy is the best I have ever seen. Man-handled Jevon Kearse.

T2- Orlando Pace...He is big and strong and rarely is out of position. He can usually shut down a top-notch defensive end. Him and Strahan have had some battles in which he came out on the better end.

G1- Steve Hutchinson...Came out in the same draft as Rod Gardner I believe. I almost wished we had taken him. Has improved each season he has been in the league until reaching pro-bowl status this year. Young and knowledgeable of the game.

G2- Lecheries Bentley...This kid can play almost any position on the offensive line and be a pro-bowler at it. A rare talent who is versatile and effective and still young.

C- Matt Birk...Dont know much about centers but hes pretty solid?

DT1- Kris Jenkins...This guy is a straight up beast. I have never seen someone get such a push off the ball. He comes hard, he comes low, and he comes fast. Could become one of the best tackles of the last 10 years. A real force, plays the pass well and the run better. Allows his LB's to make plays by blowing up the middle and holding up two offensive lineman. Has also blocked kicks this season!! And still young, a real gem.

DT2- Richard Seymour...I like him b/c he has speed off the ball and elusiveness. He uses his hands well and is almost always near the ball, hes a ball hog. He has upside as well if his roll was more clearly defined. A little undersized but he makes up for it in heart and work ethic.

DE1- Simeon Rice...I like this guy a lot. Has finally started to play at a consistent level. Is not the best defensive end but plays solidly all around. More of a pass-rusher that has a tendency to over commit but is not afraid to mix it up.

DE2- Julius Peppers...He just oozes greatness. He has allowed teammate Mike Rucker to blossom into a great d-end as well. The kid took on double teams most of the year. When he is motivated will become the most effective pass rushing defensive end in the game. Is fast too and has great feet. You couldnt ask for a more physically gifted player.

LB1- Ray Lewis...This guy is the overall best player in the NFL. He has it all. Talent, skill, heart, motivation, strength, speed, and a wild side. Was instrumental in making it to the playoffs this year and is in on every play. Emotional and spiritual leader of the team and makes everyone around him better.

LB2- LaVar Arrington...As well all know he blows way too many assignments but with a strict and proven defensive coordinator he can be great. With some consistency in the coaching department Arrington can become the next LT. He genuinely loves playing and wants to get better. He has the speed to be a pass-rushing LB but can also drop into coverage when hes not blowing assignments. Needs discipline and continuity.

LB3- Brian Urlacher...This season proved he needs big defensive lineman to be effective. But on my team he would have that so he would revert back to his old wrecking ball self. Cannot shed blockers very easily but in the open field there is not many who are better. Seeks the ball and runs hard. Is solid and coverage and is a smart player.

CB1- Champ Bailey...All you haters out there are simply overly critical. I have not heard a single sports analyst or sports enthusiast not list him in the top two best cover corners in the league. Yes, he gambles too much and yes he has a tendency to get beat deep. But lack of safety help can also be attributed to that. He played hurt this season and STILL managed to compete at a probowl level (regardless of what all of you think the fact is the rest of the league including players and coaches believed it to be true). He is young and tough and will mix it up with anyone.

CB2- I really like Patrick Surtain. He has slowly proven himself to be a top-tier CB in the league. He has emerged from Sam Madisons shadow to be the best CB on the dolphins. Is a little bit small but has good instincts and vision.

CB3- Ty Law...I love the guy, I cant say anything else.

S1- Ed Reed...In only his second year he is changing the way people view the safety position. He glides across the field effortlessly and has great vision. Can come out of nowhere to break up a pass or make a crushing hit. I love the way this kid plays and is young with major potential that has yet to be unleashed.

S2- Matt Bowen...Just kidding lol.

Roy Willians...Young and powerful. Can play good coverage defense but loves to come up and play the run. Will lower his shoulders and knock you the F-U-C-K out! This kid comes to play, he reminds me a lot of Ronnie Lott in terms of his intensity and breathtaking hits. He can also blitz the QB better then most safeties. Like Reed he is untapped resource with much potential.

Alright, this is primarily my team. Any thoughts? I would love to see what you guys would change or completely redue. Thanks for taking the time to read. Hope it allows us to carry on a different conversation then the usual :)

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foster? here goes mine

qb-mcnair(only qb that does everything well)

rb-shawn alexander(big shifty back,can hit holes and catch)

wr-coles, harrison, hines ward (classy tough, blue collar)

TE- heap, randy mcmichael

o-line- KC starters (something to be said about continuity)

DT- jenkins, griffin

DE- peppers, jason taylor

LB- lavar, ray lewis, derrick brooks

CB- champ, law

S- roy williams, ed reed

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