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Great Blue North Draft says: Skins draft Kenechi Udeze in 1st round

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Originally posted by johndevivi

udeze suck Get sean tayor or the F en soldier

Who are you and why do you speak? Seriously, in my mind, there isn't a bad Skins fan in the world, and when you average 23 posts a day, you're at least contributing to the community, but Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ, enough with the meaningless BS. No one wants to discuss Jermaine Haley's hemmoroid problem or whether or not Shar Pournadesh could beat Godzilla in a fistfight. And at least give posts with a meaningful opinion, not _____ sucks. If he does suck, explain it, because in this case, the proof says exactly otherwise.

Now that I'm done reaming the new guy, on the the real stuff. The general consensus amongst draft experts is that by the time workouts are done, Udeze will have proved himself worthy of a top-5 pick. The closer we get, and the more knowledge people have of him, the more you will see him going top-10 or top-5 in mocks. He truly has unprecedented talent. People aren't that enamored with him for no reason.

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