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would you grabb j.payton with a 5th round pick?


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I watched a lot of UM games this year and didn't really like what I saw of Payton. He never could seem to break any tackles.

My bet is he goes undrafted. So I say no to using a 5th round pick on him, but I guess you could always bring him into camp as an UDFA.

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I vote no.

He only started after every other running back on the team (except for a true freshman) had their shot at it. Granted, the guys in front of him are no slouches (McGahee, Gore, etc.) but if he was worth a darn, he would've played earlier in his career, like they did.

He didn't seem impressive to me at all when he was in there. My grandma could get almost 1000 behind Miami's line.

The Bears will take him with their last pick. Good PR move.

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