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Question for a mod RE: a user name


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I had originally created a "Baculus" account, but somewhere along the line I lost my PW and decided to create "Baculus1." I'd like to re-name my account back to "Baculus," but I cannot since the original account still exists. Is there anyway you can delete this account for me? (As I mentioned, I do not know the account PW, and I don't remember the e-mail address I used for the account.)

Would that be possible? If so, that'd be great.



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Great, thanks , Diehard! It's nice to simply have my handle, minus the digit. :-)

Heya Night! Yes, I am still here and there. I saw another sportstalk.com member over at the KFFL board as well, so we're out there floating around. The sportstalk.com Redskins board was a good one - do you remember some of the battles we used to have with Bucs' and Boys' fans? :-) I loved that board, too bad they shut it down.

Kilmer, what handle did you use there? Was it simply Kilmer as well? (Which sounds familiar....)

I used to posts a lot over at the nfl.com board, which then became the espn.com board, but that became over-run with trolls and garbabe, and I was sick of daily battles, so I tend to lurk at here and at the CPND boards. I don't know what I would do during the off-season without being able to get my fix at these boards!

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Yea I was Kilmer on Sportstalk, matter of fact, that is the first time I took this handle anywhere.

I am also Kilmer on KFFL and I am pretty sure I was the one who talked to you over there.

It took me a little bit to remember Nighthawk, it has been a looong time. Only few names come to mind anymore, Apache, KobeShaq,Iggles700 and of course its hard to forget a unique name like Baculus...plus I would go to the ESPN boards from time to time so your name stayed fresh, I am 17Kilmer on there.

There were a few really great Cowboy fans on the sportstalk board and I do remember the Buc fans being pretty cool.

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