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Lay off of Spurrier. Granted, he utterly wasted 2 years or our Redskin life, but come on...he sure picked the wrong franchise to start his NFL career at... It was only 2 seasons, we can't take our pain of 12 season out on him.

Besides, I have a theory that the coming of Gibbs was well known before the end of the season by spurrier and company. Hense his quotes like " doing whats better for the franchise " " the franchise is heading in the right direction " before he quit... plus " I hope fans are saying thank God Spurrier stepped aside to let Gibbs in " after he quit.

I mean seriously, I really believe this was all set up well before the end of the season. That would make sense of how wack the whole resigning of Spurrier thing was... I think Spurrier never called Snyder and quit that day, but it was agreed between the 2. I think him and Danny boy had a deal well before...

That was Gibb's first taste of " how things are different with NFL rules about talking to coaches " cause they had to be sneaky.

He could have been a prick and stuck around until he got fired so he can get that money, or he could have resigned later than he did...but I believe he got paid off under the table.

No doubt he didn't fair too well as a coach here, but he seems like a good guy. He ain't our couch no more, so leave the man alone. He's a good guy for leaving and alowing us to get Gibbs when he did.

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