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Coaches Status?


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If Gibbs does come back do you think he will go out and find a lot of his coaches like Petibon, Grimm, etc..? Does anyone know where some of these guys are at like Petibon? I wonder if there is any chance of getting Art Monk or Gary Clark to coach the WR's. I think Monk would be a natural teacher and Clark has the emotion that could get his guys fired up. Plus Gary Clark was a nobody and a little guy coming in theleague and went on to be a great WR despite his size. Maybe he can tell Gardner why he cant get it done with his size? :)

Now I am starting to think Spurrier was fired and the Redskins made it look like he resigned so it wouldn't make either side look bad. I wonder why we brought Rhodes over yesterday if we already were set with Gibbs. Maybe Rhodes knew it and snyder wants him to be the DC.

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