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My Free Agent Want/wish List:


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I know some of this has been discussed before...but its late, I can't sleep and I'm bored...so Tough!:silly:

Anyways...so I looked through the potential 2004 NFL Free Agents Team-by-Team and made a list of my options. Then quickly made a Desired Depth Chart for the 2004 Skins (following Post). Just posting all this to see if anyone thinks I'm on drugs and could careless...or agrees/disagrees with my choices/comments. ok here goes:



COACH: DENNIS GREEN - for all the reasons that have been beat to death in earlier threads.

General Manager (GM): Ron Wolf - Just Wishful Thinking (hell, he's right around the corner - Annapolis, MD doing nothing) :D

QB Neil O'Donnell - I always feel 100 times better with a seasoned vet at the emergency QB spot, he could share his knowledge/experience with two young up and coming QBs...(plus, not so high on Hamdan myself).

RB Rudi Johnson - RFA; Could be the second coming of Stephen Davis, but will take alot of Snyder's money along with a 4th Round Draft Pick to steal him from the Bengals...especially since

Cory Dillion is leaving for sure. Still my #1 free agent target (other than Champ) and VERY worth it in my mind.

RB Kevan Barlow - RFA; Cost us a 3rd Rounder and we'd have serious competition on the market but also worth it if Rudi becomes an impossibility.

FB Sam Gash - Always a fan of this beast of a fullback...and a vet

FB Bryan Johnson (re-sign) - Solid starter for us

TE Cam Cleeland - Not necessary at all but good option

TE Zeron Flemister (re-sign) - Decent Blocker

WR Darnerian McCants (re-sign) - Very good third receiver...major potential, TD machine

WR Patrick Johnson (re-sign) - Speed


G Lennie Friedman (re-sign) - Solid/Depth


DT Cornelius Griffin - Young and solid and more importantly, not too too expensive

DT Keith Traylor - Purely a Stop-Gap option in case we can't get a decent Rookie DT.

DT Bernard Holsey (re-sign) - Proved himself as a good third DT, will provide depth.

(Give me any TWO of the Defensive Ends below and I'll be more than happy)

DE Grant Wistrom

DE Darren Howard

DE Adewale Ogunleye - Emerging (yes I know Jason Taylor was on the other side of him, but he is still a good pure pass-rusher)

DE Jevon Kearse - despite what people say...its a FACT- he IS injury-prone...but a FREAK

-DE Peppi Zellner (re-sign) - cheap

LB Julian Peterson - HUGE upgrade to Armstead, but unrealistic option

LB Ian Gold - unrealistic option, but I just really like him!

LB Kevin Mitchell (re-sign) - Depth

LB Antonio Pierce (re-sign)- Depth

LB Lemar Marshall (re-sign) - Depth

CB Champ Bailey (re-sign) - First matter to resolve; Pay him what he wants...he's very very good but not GREAT...but a corner-stone of our team.

CB Terrell Buckley - Vet who can sure up our secondary and press midget-Bauman for the nickel spot.

S Arturo Freeman - We wanted him last year, a slight upgrade although Iffy has held his own this year....UNLESS we grab Rookie: Sean Taylor

S Ifeanyi Ohalete (re-sign)

S David Terrell (re-sign) - good SP player

LS Ethan Albright (re-sign)


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MY DESIRED 2004 SKINS Depth Chart



Patrick Ramsey

Tim Hasselbeck

*Neil O'Donnell

Wide Receiver

Laveranues Coles

Rod Gardner

Darnerien McCants

Patrick Johnson

Taylor Jacobs

Cliff Russell

Running Back

*Rudi Johnson (OR Kevan Barlow OR 1st Round ROOKIE)

Trung Canidate

Rock Cartwright

Chad Morton

(TRADE: Ladell Betts)


*Sam Gash

Bryan Johnson

Rock Cartwright

Tight End

Byron Chamberlain

Zeron Flemister

Robert Royal

Left Tackle

Chris Samuels

Brandon Winey

Kenyatta Jones

Left Guard

Derrick Dockery

Dave Fiore


Lennie Friedman

Larry Moore

Pita Elisara

Right Guard

Randy Thomas

Dave Fiore

Right Tackle

Jon Jansen

Derrick Dockery

Kenyatta Jones


Defensive End

*Adewale Ogunleye

*Jevon Kearse (OR 1st Round Rookie)

Renaldo Wynn

Regan Upshaw (OR Peppi Zellner)

Defensive Tackle

*Cornelius Griffin

*Keith Traylor (OR ROOKIE)

Lional Dalton

Bernard Holsey

Jermaine Haley

(FINISHED: Brandon Noble)

Outside LB

LaVar Arrington

Lemar Marshall (OR ROOKIE)

Middle LB

Jeremiah Trotter

Kevin Mitchell

Outside LB

Jessie Armstead (OR Julian Peterson, hehe)

Antonio Pierce


Champ Bailey

Fred Smoot

Rashad Bauman

*Terrell Buckley


Free Safety

Ifeanyi Ohalete

David Terrell


Strong Safety

Matt Bowen

Andre Lott (Maybe)


Special Teams:

Field Goal Kicker

John Hall


Bryan Barker

Long Snapper

Ethan Albright


Bryan Barker

Kick Returner

Chad Morton

Patrick Johnson

Punt Returner

Chad Morton

Patrick Johnson

* = NEW


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I think this year was Barker's last year with us. Terrell may be decent on ST, but he is still a liability in the secondary. If he can be upgraded, it needs to be done, without hesitation. Also I think if we can find a solid pass rusher, I think either Wynn or Upshaw should be let go, and Peppi re-signed instead. He would be far cheaper.

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I think as far as existing players, you are more or less on the money. However, to chime in here I would say we need to make some considerable cuts. Even if that means we shear away some depth.

Here's who I'd like to see gone for little or no return:

Byron Chamberlain

Cliff Russell

Regan Upshaw -nuff said

Ade Jimoh -ditto

Todd Franz- uhhh yup, same

Jermaine Haley- he should have played more with his so-called injury

Here's who I'd like to try to trade=

Zeron Flemister

Larry Moore*(he seemed to be a reason why we were struggling offensively. If he can play guard-so I ahve heard- he may be worth keeping for depth sake) Maybe a 4th rounder

Trung candidate *(still think there is potential, but we got to get serious about the cuts. Perform and play with heart = you stay/ don't perform/play with heart you go. i don't doubt that Trung played with heart, I think he played injured and too tentative) we got him for a fourth, and we'll be lucky to get a 5th for him

Rod Gardner= 2nd rounder solid. He would fit in well in San Fran where they don't give WR's sh*t for dropping easy passes. They blame it on QB's :D

Matt Bowen= probably won't get squat for him. I was totally unimpressed by him. I know he made a few plays this year, but damn did he give up alot.

David Terrell= we'd be lucky to get some second graders 1/2 of an oreo cookie for him but it's worth a try.

Martin Chase= no idea what we'd get for him. He was neither good nor horrible.

Stockpile baby stockpile. We still have talent left on this team. The right coach could get us to 8-8 or 9-7 with some SERIOUS luck. After a run like that (similar to Dalass's) we would be in good shape for the following offseason to bloster the team with draft picks for FA's or the draft.

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Feel free to fill in the "ROOKIE" Spots thrown in there. (I'm not fully up-to-date with College Stars this year)

To be honest, I don't think B. Chamberlain ever got a fair chance...let him shed the weight and preform before you trash him.

I'm no fan of Trung's, BUT if we were to get a power-back, he'd be a good "change-of-pace" RB.

I agree Peppi Z. is a good choice over Upshaw.

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Originally posted by Skins_Junkie



I also really like this guy.

QB Neil O'Donnell -

He said he's retiring after the season.

RB Rudi Johnson - RFA;

No way. Cincy will tender him an offer equivalent to a 1st and 3rd round pick or higher.

Cory Dillion is leaving for sure.

Yeah but he is not a FA. Only way you get him is a trade (#1 pick) and pick up his high salary. But the guy will be 30 next year and damaged merchandise.

RB Kevan Barlow - RFA;

No way. 49ers have said they will tender him an amount equal to a 1st and 3rd round pick.

FB Sam Gash -

He's too old in the tooth now. We signed Mike Sellers.

FB Bryan Johnson (re-sign)

This guy is just a journeyman - Mike Sellers is way better.

TE Cam Cleeland -

Good player, but always injured.

TE Zeron Flemister (re-sign) - Decent Blocker

You got to be kidding me. :laugh:

WR Darnerian McCants (re-sign)


WR Patrick Johnson (re-sign) - Speed

Decent as a low-cost backup.

C Lennie Friedman (re-sign) - Solid/Depth


DT Cornelius Griffin - Young and solid


DT Keith Traylor -

This guy is old and over the hill now.

DT Bernard Holsey (re-sign) - Proved himself as a good third DT

You got to be kidding. :laugh: He needs to go back to the arena leaque.

(Give me any TWO of the Defensive Ends below and I'll be more than happy)

DE Grant Wistrom

Good player, not great.

DE Darren Howard

Good player, not great.

DE Adewale Ogunleye

Impossible. Miami will tender him equivalent to 1st and 3rd round pick or higher.

DE Jevon Kearse -

Possible FA, but will cost some pesos.

DE Peppi Zellner (re-sign)

We can do better.

LB Julian Peterson -

Unrealistic option, you said it.

LB Ian Gold

Unrealistic option, you said it.

LB Kevin Mitchell (re-sign)

At 33 its doubtful he will be back. Clifton Smith is being groomed.

LB Antonio Pierce (re-sign)


LB Lemar Marshall (re-sign)

He's a journeyman at best. Charles Clemmons will beat him out.

CB Champ Bailey (re-sign)

Hard to predict what happens here.

CB Terrell Buckley

No way. This guy is old. For every INT this guy makes, he gets burned for a TD.

S Arturo Freeman -

No way. Check his stats. He is not a playmaker. Only 1 INT in his entire career.

S Ifeanyi Ohalete (re-sign)


S David Terrell (re-sign) - good SP player


LS Ethan Albright (re-sign)


Now go to bed... you're keeping me up late. :laugh:

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Originally posted by IAMBG

Here's who I'd like to try to trade=

None of the players you listed have ANY real trade value, except Rod Gardener and Trung Canidate. Maybe we can get a 2nd for Gardener and a 6th for Canidate. But I wouldn't trade Canidate for a 6th. Canidate still has potential with the right coach and its doubtful a 6th round pick would even make the team. :)

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TE Zeron Flemister (re-sign) - Decent Blocker


Lay off the :cannibas:

The flea-meister is easily the worst starting TE in the league. He's good for at least two drops a game IF you dare throw it to him.

And he is not a good blocking Te. A good blocking TE is a Don Warren, or the guy they dumped a year or two ago.

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