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Windows XP help please...


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I am so frustrated right now.

In the past, I could select pictures (or files) and select the "copy to CD" option. ( for pictures, it was under the "Picture Tasks" column on the left if you open "My Pictures".

Right now, it is not there. It's gone. I looked up the help files on my machine and it says to do exactly what I have done many times before, but for some reason, that option is not there any longer.

If I highlight the pictures I want to copy to CD and then click "send to" and highlight the appropriate drive, an error box pops up and says the media is not formatted, would I like to format it now??

What's up with that?

Has anyone encountered this?

I'm probably going to have to call tech support, but someone here is usually better and faster.


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Problem solved...

In case anyone wanted or needs to know in the future...

From "my cpu" I right clicked on the cdr drive... then I chose properties. Then, under the recording tab, I checked the box "enable recording"

Evidently, I installed a new DVD/CD burning program that is DLA enabled, what ever that means. I at least know how to turn it on and off now.

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