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These commentators are horrible!!


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These have to be the most stupid commentators i've EVER HEARD!!! It's almost as if they have no business what-so-ever even being near a microphone or a football game. They went on and on about how Chicago should of challenged that catch and fumble when every angle showed he not only had possession, but two feet down and even began to head up-field. Then, after Smoot made that interception, the intended receiver clearly hit Smoot with his shoulder pads and knocked him down to end the play. The guy goes, "I think they're challenging if he held onto the ball." And then when he realized what they were challenging (Which everyone on the planet already knew) he says "I think the intended receiver's foot hit Smoot on the way down." GOOD LORD MAN!!!!! His foot? What a ****in' E-JOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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What about Collinswoth? Isn't he worse?

I did see listen to Baldinger before and he was annoying as he!!. Had the geo challenged on and was forced to turn it off because we were lagging so far behind in the play calling. After listening to that f*cker for the rest of the telecast and Collinsworth the nest week, my fellow skins fans who watch the games with me all pledged that Sunny, Sam and Frank MUST stay on no matter how far behind the calling is. They were quite sorry.

Takes some getting used to, but I explained how they are the best "home-team" broadcasters and they just need a "listen."

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