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The Redskins Demise and Downslide


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There seems to be alot of questions as to why the Redskins have slipped down to such a low level of play. I was wondering if any people out there feel as I do. I think the first thing that is wrong is Daniel Snyder, although he isn't afraid to pull out his check book I think that ole Danny has brought the Skins a reputation of a ball club that over pays for talent and doesn't expect hard work in return. To constantly hear players offer thier opinions and make threats is simply revolting. I know there are guy's on the club that do have a strong desire and bleed burgendy and gold but there are also many players that feel as though why do I have to bust my butt, my pay check is still the same amount. If Daniel Snyder ever wants to build a winner here he must take drastic steps to get players to respect the coaching staff. For Bruce Smith to complain of lack of playing time was gross! It's not like he has the tolls and speed of someone in thier prime. Bruce Smith is over the hill and hasn't had a year worthy of his salary since his first year here. Marco Coleman had better productivity than Bruce. So he gets the sack record to retire as a Buffalo Bill. The next thing I see is Champ Bailey, yes I give credit where credit is due and he is a very good conerback. But let's get real about things. To turn down over 14 million dollars for about 6 - 7 months of hard work a year is gross, anyone should be greatful to be able to make millions of dollars to play a game. How much money can one person spend? It's not like he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. For him to say he has been underpaid the last few years is another sign of selfishness that breeds perenial losers. He plays hurt so what I would take 11 Fred Smoots over Champ Me First Bailey any time. The next one on my hit list is Chris Samuels has his play declined since his rookie year or os it just me? If he doesn't assist with the cap then I would cut him as well. Salary needs to be reflected by the past years work performance, this year he sucked! Next LaVar Arrington, yes this man is the best player we have. Yes he has done alot for the skins but hasn't he too been paid millions of dollars? Regardless of defensive coordinators a LB is a LB and he needs to stop over reacting and play with controlled aggression. As much as he didn't agree with Marvin Lewis's system he had a better year last year than this year, why is that? BECAUSE MARVIN LEWIS demanded and emphisized the details, no free lancing you have an area to cover and you cover it. If he along with Champ would rather stay with George Edwards then all 3 should be cut. I love LaVar but the bottom line is we lose with him, we can win without him. PERIOD so he too needs to sign a contract extension and lower the salary cap and hope and pray that we get a qualified defensive coach what is smart enough to use LaVar's stregnths but also disiplined enough to get him to play within the defense structure. Is it me or is Kevin Mitchell just as good if not better than Mr. Trotter? Why is he still here? I know he isn't fully recovered but he too isn't disiplined and is over paid for what he brings to the table. CUT HIM TOO. Jesse Armstead is okay I guess he has been the most stable LB this year which isn't saying too much. I also think that George Edwards needs to go, he isn't smart enough YET and needs to be a defensive coordinator in the college ranks first. Also Vinnie Cerrato, his past track record shows him as the one that got the 49ers into cap trouble before he made his way here. He and Spurrier don't get along, his contract is up, bye BUG EYES!! SEE YA!! Now for Spurrier, I am all for him taking the skins back to greatness I see he has made improvement but let's be real he doesn't have the total backing of Snyder and if me and you can see that you know the players can see it. Snyder needs to get some assistant coaches here that are stern and are able to motivate, Snyder must get the players to know that the buck stops with Spurrier. Spurrier seems to have failed to realize that the main difference in professional football over college is simple, the talent is better and at this level he will have to tailor his offense around the strengths that he has on the roster. This next camp would be nothing more than a Marine Bootcamp! Let the players know that the whining and disrespect that ran rampant is gone period. Everyone is fighting to start regardless. Until this is done the skins are going to be laughing stocks of the NFL as they have been the past 12 years.

Get all the dead weight out of here!!

Who agree's?

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