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Press Release: #Redskins Quotes: Callahan

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October 14, 2019

Interim Head Coach Bill Callahan





On if there is an injury update for RB Chris Thompson: 

“We’re still evaluating his status, so we’ll know a little bit more on Wednesday.”


On if Thompson went for an MRI:

“He did. I believe so, yes.”


On the decision to put TE Jordan Reed on IR: 

“I think that we gave him as much time as possible to overcome his injury and at this juncture it’s going to be a little bit more prolonged. So, I think the decision to put him on IR was probably the smartest move we could make at this time for him.”


On whether he anticipates Reed returning this season:

“I don’t know, I really don’t know. I’m unsure. I think as we move along in time it will define itself.”


On TE Jerome Cunningham’s injury:

“Nothing about his status right now. He was hurt in the game, sustained a knee injury. We’ll know a little bit more later after we get the medical report here at about 3:30, so we’ll get a good handle on that.”


On what he saw from QB Case Keenum on tape:

“I thought there was a lot of opportunity out there. We left some plays out on the field, but he made some big throws – the two throws to [WR] Terry [McLaurin]. I think one of the biggest throws in the game was the deep out cut when we were backed up in the [end zone] to get us out of the hole and obviously to create a little bit of momentum and field position, so that was really impressive. He had a big throw to Terry that we didn’t clutch, but aside from that he was pretty solid. I think he would want some plays back like we talked about yesterday, but overall he can get better and I think he would be the first one to tell you that. We’re all looking to get better after yesterday. There’s a lot of things on the tape that are indicative of where are performance can improve. I shared that with the players today, as did their position coaches and coordinators, so I’m optimistic that we can go back with a focused mindset and kind of correct some of the things that we weren’t good at and prepare for a really good football team coming in here this weekend.”


On what stood out from the running game:

“I thought, by and large, the offensive line played well. They got a new coach who’s a little bit better than I am and they had no penalties for the first time, so no question that was a huge improvement and we ran the ball for over 140 yards, which was tremendous. When you go on the road and pound it and give up no sacks, no penalties and I think only one [tackle-for-loss] in the run game out of 30-something attempts – I thought that was really positive, a lot of positives came out of that, a lot of guys played well, so it was good for all of them, especially [G] Ereck Flowers [Sr.] going back down to Miami and playing in front of his family. Pretty proud of his performance, as we all were.”


On CB Quinton Dunbar:

“He was tremendous in so many areas. A guy that can come up and make two plays behind the line of scrimmage for loss. He was relentless versus their screens – he came up, he supported, he filled the alley, really impressive – and the play he made on the slant on the pick, really great anticipation, awareness, instinct, intuitiveness. He showed all those traits, but by and large he made plays not only in the backend against the passing game, but in the running game, in the screen game, the things that he prevented, the big play opportunities that he shut down early before they got going – that was really impressive. Very impressive play by ‘Q’ [CB Quinton Dunbar] yesterday.”


On if his practice adjustments showed up in the game:

“Well, every game is so different and I just thought that our players had a real focus, a good focused mindset going down into Miami. I think they understood that it was important to stay penalty-free in terms of what we wanted them to do and that is to run the ball and to utilize the run action, which we did effectively and keep us out of the long distances. I think we were only third-and-long one time, third-and-double-digits one time, which is a huge, huge improvement for us to stay out of those downs and distances because the penalties had backed us up so many times and put us in bad spots. So the goal going in was to manage the game in a different manner where we could stay more manageable. I think we had somewhere in the area of six to seven third down plays where we were under five yards or less. When you’re functioning within those parameters, it gives you a pretty good opportunity to convert because those conversion percentages are always high in the league. That was a focus and that was our intention going into the game. A little bit of a different mind shift philosophically.”


On if the input from the referees in practice helped out in the game:

“We get the information on each crew and we get information on how they’re going to call the game, basically. Let’s say for instance you have a crew that comes in and they're going to call DPI [defensive pass interference] or they’re going to call holding or they're going to be more aware of the line of scrimmage, whatever that is, whatever their fouls are high at, that’s where we try to focus our attention as we go out on the practice field. So with the officials coming to practice, we try to give them that information so that they can maintain that focus and make our players more aware of what it is we could be doing better or if we’re clean, we’re clean. Each crew is different, so last week’s game, the line of scrimmage was important to do a good job with keeping clean formationally and they do a pretty good job of that, this previous crew did and that’s where their penalties are high. Like I said, it’s different each game. So I thought we addressed that and we just try to focus on basically what they’re going to call. I don’t know if that helps you or not, but that’s what we do. And for the players’ mindset, it gives them awareness of what a crew can potentially focus in on and major in and where their calls are, where their calls are high and where they’re low and so forth.” 


On S Deshazor Everett’s injury and DB Jeremy Reaves’ impact on Sunday:

“[S Deshazor Everett] will be out a couple weeks, but we anticipate him being back here with us pretty soon. And with that being said, [DB] Jeremy Reaves came in, we reactivated him, to the 53[-man roster] on Saturday and what an amazing job he did. He came in, stepped in as the personal punt protector, made all the calls, put everybody in the right spots, covered not only in the punt, but also in the kickoff cover and made a tackle inside the 20. That was really impressive. You’ll see him go down the field, you’ll see him cut the blockers, he’ll swerve, he’ll slip and he makes a big-time play. They were missing their top returner yesterday, but the returners that were on the field were just as good or equally better from what we have seen. So it was impressive to see him step up and step into that role. He was ready mentally with Deshazor’s injury and boom, he came in and answered the bell and really lifted our team. Not only there, but also on the defensive side, he played a few snaps on defense and you can see his pursuit, his effort and basically his close, his closure on the running game show up. So, really good to see him have a good game. I was happy for him, we all were.”


On how much of a difference it makes having officials at practice versus just talking to players about penalties:

“I don't know if it makes a difference or not. Like I said to you guys last week, it just brings a heightened awareness to the situation. And having the open lines of communication with the officials at practice and having them establish a dialogue with our players and our players with them, I think it's just a growing experience. I think we all learn and we grow from it. I think the players get a little bit of a better understanding. So just a little more conscience of it. Now that's just one game, you know? Everything’s different, next week's crew may call completely different and emphasize something different. We may play different. So I can't predict what's going to happen. I hope we don't have a number of fouls. I hope we can end up with no penalties and all that. But our numbers were considerably down compared to where they've been, especially going on the road.”


On how he felt about the players’ stamina towards the end of the game:

“Just the opposite, I felt our players’ stamina in the fourth quarter was good. I’m sure you saw the two sidelines during the course of the game, one was in the sun the entire time and one was in the shade. So, with that being said, our players played extremely hard. I didn't see any tail off. I didn't see anything slip in terms of effort, pursuit, hustle. We had no loafs. I think that was evident in the way our defense chased down the bubble screen game and their screen game. There were a number of perimeter screens that they tried to utilize and I thought our defense ran to the ball extremely well, not only from a support aspect, but from a pursuit aspect as well. It was really well done. So, [Defensive Coordinator] Greg [Manusky] did a good job. The defensive staff did a really good job in terms of not only rushing the passer, but pursuing to the ball to minimize the big play potential of the screen game.”


On how WR Terry McLaurin’s football IQ has helped acclimate him to NFL:

“I think when you look at his overall makeup, as a person, his character and then being a two-time captain at Ohio State, I think it speaks volumes for his mindset and what he's about as a player. He is focused, he is high energy, he's tuned in and nothing kind of gets by him. His performance doesn’t surprise us, but it's good to see a rookie with that type of production. It's rare that you can step into the National Football League and have the type of production that he's had so soon and so early in the season. So, yeah we're fortunate to have him and just hope it continues for him. He's having a heck of a year so far.”


On why Dolphins QB Ryan Fitzpatrick was able to move the ball against the defense:

“[QB Ryan] Fitzpatrick has forever stepped into these situations and has excelled extremely well. There was a point in time I was sitting there watching him where he was just making up plays. It looked like he was just coordinating plays. You'd see him walk over to the slot receivers and give them a combination, you'd walked over to the single receiver and give him his route. So it seems like he was just telling them what to do based on the coverages that were out there. He would kind of freeze the pitcher and he’d walk out and possibly change a route combination, but that was going on quite a bit as you watched the game. You could see those types of things occurring. Additionally, he got rid of the ball quick. He jumped into an empty backfield set. He managed well from that aspect, so hats off to him. He's a heck of a player. He did a lot of great things, avoiding the rush, getting the ball out, distributing it pretty fast, pretty quick, and making the chunk plays in the two-minute. That was pretty impressive, that was tough on us. When you make those types of plays, they're just killers. When you're sitting in that situation and you're just trying to make a stop and then all of the sudden he makes the conversion for 15 [yards], and comes back, and scrambles, and makes another conversion. He's just smart, savvy, veteran guy that knows the ins and outs of the two-minute drill and is an experienced veteran player. And that's why he's been successful throughout his career.” 


On whether he felt that practice adjustments were validated because of the game’s results:

“Well, that and also so many of the things that we emphasized in practice last week carries over. Our theme here is that our practice preparation really just shows up in game day reality, so those clips that we take from practice carry over. For instance, Landon Collins had two sacks during the course of practice last week – one was just a ‘wow play’ that I haven’t seen in a long time – and then you see it transfer into the game, make another and slips the back in protection, makes the sack on [QB Josh] Rosen. That’s just practice carryover. Now, he’s an awfully talented player. When you look at him, he has all the traits that you want out of a premier safety, but doing it is another thing and he does it consistently. So, watching him get one-on-one with a back and making a sack, it just adds to that dimension of putting pressure on the quarterback, making him feel a little bit uncomfortable, so he did a pretty good job.”








For Immediate Release                                                                                  

October 14, 2019




LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. – The Washington Redskins announced today that they have made the following roster moves:


The Redskins have signed the following players to the practice squad:

            T Victor Salako

            DB Maurice Smith

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