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questions from a FEDEX virgin


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Ladies and Gents,

i'm going to my first skins' home game vs. the eagles. i need the skinny on the best way to get to the stadium (we're coming from york, pa). i'm taking my dad, so i doubt he'll be up for some serious tailgating; but, i want to get a good hour plus in. i do not have a parking pass, and driving is not a must (a commuter train in the area?). keep in mind, i do not know the area at all, so be as specific as possible please.

thanks for your help!

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My wife and I stayed at a hotel near the National mall right in the middle of DC when we went to the Jets game. Get on the metro and take it to Landover. It's the last stop. Don't leave too early. I was told by a local that area the train unloads at isn't very safe, but they do run shuttle buses from that station to the stadium. My wife and I were too early for the buses so a lady going home from work riding on the metro gave us a ride to the stadium because she said we wouldn't be safe sitting out there by ourselves for quite awhile.

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