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Wanted: An NFL Head Coach


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I think more and more people are realizing that the Skins need an NFL head coach. The current coach is just playing one; where in reality he's proving he's just not an NFL coach. Who knows if there will be a coaching change here? I'm in the camp that believes that things will not be any better in year 3 with Steve. The other camp says give him one more year and he'll show you. Well in 2 weeks we'll find out what happens.

Even if the Skins don't pull out that help wanted sign, several other teams will. If the Skins do pull out the help wanted sign, there will be plenty of competition.

Wanted: NFL Coach:

Openings/Possible Openings- ranked by most attractiveness.

1. Falcons: Fired Coach Reeves, hired GM Mckay. You have a star at QB: Michael Vick. A fan friendly owner. Could be the most attractive job out there.

2. Dolphins: No playoffs, no wanstead. This is a very attractive place. If they had a franchise QB, this would be #1. Most of the tools are in place for a superbowl run. The right coach, could finally take the Dolphins over the hump.

3. Giants: Current coach Fassell has lost his team and will be fired; though he could be coaching elsewhere in 2004. Rabid fans. It's NYC, #1 market. If you can succeed here, you can succeed anywhere. Though on the negative side, you'll be under constant scruntity and you'll be pounced on if you don't win quickly. Still, I think this an attractive place to be.

4. Steelers: If there's a change here, it will because the owner decided that a change for changes sake is needed. A good owner. Fair with coaches. Yes, there's some work to do as the Steelers do need some retooling. Thing is, the owner will give the coach the time to rebuild/retool the team. An attractive opening, if it happens. Cowher won't be unemployed long, if there's a change here.

5. Vikings: If the Vikings somehow don't make the playoffs, will Tice get the ax? I don't know. They got a nutty owner, who will probably sell the team sooner or later. On the plus side, you do have Culpepper to Moss. This team can win in the NFC North.

6. Saints: No playoffs and it's possible there's a coaching change here. Also, it's rumored Haslett has a clause where he can leave the Saints to go to the Bills. I think this would be attractive place. A young team that with the right coach, can compete in the tough NFC South.

7. Seahawks: No playoffs and Holmgren is gone. We know this team can win at home. :laugh: The right coach, may get them to win on the road. NFC WEST isn't that strong, so a coach can win here.

8. Chargers: Marty will be given the ax. Got a young QB, RB. Sunny climate. High draft pick coming. The right coach can turn it around there.

9. Bills: Williams is done. I don't know how attractive this place is. Yes, you have the great fans. An owner who wants to win. Thing is, you have an aging QB, that could be on his last legs.

10. Raiders: Callahan is done. Not really an atrractive place. Aging team that has to be blow up and an owner, who's stuck in the past.

11. Bears: If the Bears finish .500, there might not be a coaching change. If the coach doesn't go, the GM surely will. Bears have been rudderless since they fired Ditka. I don't know if this is the most attractive place for a coach to go to. Though, with more talent and a good coach; they could win this division.

12. Cards: The worst owner in the NFL will fire his coach. This is the worst job out there. Fassell could be the next coach here. Nothing more to say about this team.

Not all of these 12 teams will have openings. I figure there will be at least 7 head coaching changes. I wonder where I would rank the Skins on my list?

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Originally posted by TLusby

The Skins would be #1 because of the fans and the money Snyder will pay.

Not really. I can't imagine many of the available coaches wanting to come to DC with Synder having complete control over personnel decisions.

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