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The Real Problem With the Skins . . .

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The problem with the Skins is straight coaching and talent evaluation. I'm certain a top notch coach could win with this team. I guarantee Joe Gibbs get's more out of this team then what Spurrier is getting. Even a guy like Parcells. Probably even the Ralph for cripessakes!

Unfortunately Marty was on the verge of turning this team around. We were probably a decent quarterback away from being once again a respectable franchise. (Remember the Flutie talk as a possible signing). The fact that Marty is not winning out west to me has a lot to do with them being in a very tough division. My point, is that this team of overpaid Prima Donna's need a kick azz type coach.

The Norval and Spurrier "Aw shucks" types of personalities won't work with this type of personnel. Everyone on this team for some reason think that they're a talented team -- when they're really not. We have individual talent that does not play well as a team. This team needs to be rooted mentally. This team will respond to a disciplinarian. I actually think at some level it's what they want. The core of our team really wants to be smash mouth.

It's like the successful bossy women that secretly likes a man that is dominent. Otherwise they know they will just walk over him. Again, it's about respect.

Remember how Gibbs never let the Redskins ever think they were that good. He was probably the most paranoid coach in the league. He always made it seem like we had to hustle, think and play smart to win. You know "We weren't that good and had to do the little things to win. No turnovers, etc."

This teams always talks about all the talent they have and just can't quite figure out why it's not working. It's simple. The coach ain't bringing it together, man.

I love the Patriots because they so much remind me of a Gibbs coached team. They are well coached and well prepared week in and week out. They have no Prima Donna's. Guys like Brutsky and Vrable remind me of guys like Olky, Coleman and Kaufman. Blue collar. They are a heady team. Unlike the Skins who over run plays, miss tackles, and drop interceptions.

This team has no leadership or direction. Geez, we couldn't even find the Red flag for a challenge! Ball coach you gotta keep that on ya at all times!

Remember, how they intially rebelled against Marty, but Marty stuck to his guns and they eventually, yet reluctantly came around. This team realized he was the guy. There was no going over his head . . . . . Bruce! Then Marty cut George. That just sent a message.

Then we started winning going 8-3. Listen, winning curbs a lot of ills. Marty's arrogance and stubborness were his eventual downfall. He should of let Grahm get a litte more pt time.

I'm willing to bet if San Diego was in our division, they might finish second. Certainly ahead of us. Ahead of the Giants. And probably on par with the Cowboys.

I really believe . . .

This team at it's deepest level does not truly believe in the ball coach or George Edwards -- and that is a problem. We won't win until Snyder sits back and brings someone in to run this organization. Much like what Cooke did. Cooke did not meddle. He hired competent people and let them do their thing.

Snyder is a control freak. And, it is tremendously undermining this team. What makes it complex is that he means well. He really does. He's a passionate owner. He will spend money. Often not wisely. He's been taken for a lot of money. You have to ask, are we really getting our money's worth. It's certainly not translating on the field. These are things a a good GM will curb.

I think this team will suffer until he comes to his senses. Sure, he may eventually get it right. I will even go on record and say he's better, but we will suffer in the process. The real problem with our team is that there is this internal battle going on within the soul of our owner and his desire to want to be so much a part of the process and/or letting go. Can he. Will he. Perhaps losing will tell him. I think it's the only thing that will.

He said the year with Marty was miserable. Yet, this team was improving. Face it, Snyder wants to be a GM. So he get's back in control and the team once again starts regressing. We start winning, he's miserable. We lose, he's happy because he has his control. I'm afraid it's going to take one more year of losing.

Snyder is caught up with glitz and glamour and not as much the lunch pale blue collar stuff like the great Redskins past. Spurrier is glitz and glamour. Deion was glitz and glamour. Opening training camp was glitz and glamour. This team neglets the lines --were it all really starts in this leage. And, we over spend for marginal talent. Because we don't draft well.

The Eagles let Trotter go because he wanted too much money after a Pro Bowl season. They sign Levon Kirkland to play middle linebacker for the league minimum. They still go the NFC championship game. We sign Trotter to a 35 million deal and a hefty signing bonus. That's $500,000 a year versus $3 mil a year.

The Eagles still go to the Championship and we're still losing. Who made the better business decision. The Eagles let go of Douglas because he's was going to want a lot of money. They replace him with our guy ND Kalu. Don't lose a beat. Let go of Barber. Replace him with Lewis. Don't lose a beat. Meanwhile we over pay or trade picks for guys likd Wynn, Upshaw, Chase etc. And, still have one of the worse lines in the league. Get the picture.

Can Snyder let go. I don't know if he can. Only continued seasons like this will force him to let someone else try.

The best year we've had since Snyder has taken over the team is the first year -- the team he inherited. The team that went to the playoffs. With two number ones the following year, Smith, George and Dion signigns and still a losing season. It's been downhill ever since then. In retrospect those signings were not wise. We flat out over spend because we don't draft well.

My fellow Redskin fans, we needed the Dallas fiasco to happen. If we finished strong I think it would lead us to believe that we were perhaps better then what we were. Well, we're not. We are what we are and it's not going to get better next year.

They make think that it is, but it's not. Spurrier is what he is. Snyder is what he is. You know Dallas will be better. The Eagles have been one of the best teams in the NFC the last three years. Right now they are the best team in the NFC.

If the Giants do bring in Coughlin, they will improve. What makes you think we will improve beyond them with our present course. Would you put money on it.

Fans, we regressed this year. It doesn't have to take this long in the NFL anymore. The difference between success and failure in this league really comes down to coaching -- period. Talent evaluation a close second. Two area's we are weak.

It doesn't have to take long. You see what Parcells is doing. What Marvin has done. Those teams were worse then us last year. Look what Fox has done in Carolina in two years. Gibbs went to the Super Bowl his second year.

Just a concerned fan.


(Tha't turning into a bad era)

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I actually think its not as bad as we've made it out to be. I think its mainly just inconsistancy from the QB position because none of them have any experience.

That inconsistancy led to us not scoring any points, us not scoring any points was due to a lot of 3 and outs, those 3 and outs led to good field position for Dallas and our defense being on the field way too much, which led to them getting tired, which led to Hambricks big day, which led to the 27 points, and all helped by 6 turnovers, which all comes back to the inconsistancy at the QB position.

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I agree 100%. We need to move fast or we're done. expect another losing season when our division gets better.

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QUOTE]Originally posted by rayprils

The truth is written on the wall.

I hate to say this since, I've been a skins fan all my life and will be to my death, but, be prepared for several years of disaster with this team and how this organization(Danny Boy) operates. First of all, in order for the Redskins to win it's division next year, it would mean that you would have to see the Eagles and the Cowboys have a losing record. You know that's not going to happen. Cowboys are going to improve even better than this year. You have Parcell that has taken an untalented team and made achievers out of them. They will probably bring in some free agencies that will only improve. Eagles, I don't know if they will go down but, expect them to be up there in winning column unless they lose some key personal.

My sources say that Tom Coughlin is going to coach the Giants next year. Trouble number three for the Skins. I think Coughlin is a better coach than SS so, expect to have a losing season next year because how are we going to compete with our division(which we haven't), if you expect to get to the playoffs?? (Please tell me, convince me)

Just compare our talent to the Cowboys and we got creamed. You have a head coach (SS) that is supposed to be a good quarterback coach and an offensive mind and in this game our quarterback had a 0.0 ratings. What does that tell you?

I can't see us winning next year when our division is only going to get better. Think about it. I hope Danny boy is figuring this out and he needs to start by stepping aside and getting someone with experience in the NFL to take us to the next level. I personally will not support Danny boy with his revenue by buying his items till he gets his act straight. If you're smart, you would do the same. He has the highest generated revenue in the league and we have a terrible team. c'mon, that's a joke. We must have stupid fans that want to support this idiot(Danny boy).

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The old Washington Redskins recipe for success....1) pick players based on character..not necessarily on stats 2) pick over-achievers and players with character 3) NO SUPERSTARS 4) Coach who downplays successes and is in a constant state of paranoia

good bye SS, Lavar, Champ...stop signing the biggest names in the free agent pool...they never work out

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