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Its the talent, stupid


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Originally posted by JerseyGator

I don't see a lot of talent on offense. Parcells could probably do better with this team because the talent is on defense.

I don't know what people see in Jansen and Samuels. If our middle wasn't so bad last year, they probably would have been exposed then as well.

Get a GM who brings in real talent on offense. Few if any teams are going to win with our talent at RB and QB. I don't understand the front office not going after more seasoned talent at RB and QB the last two years. To me, that's a no-brainer.

Agree with alot of what you said, but not the QB part. PR has shown enough that working with him for a couple years will pay off.

I also don't see the talent on the D except for the CBs and Lavar and the play of Champ and Lavar has been spotty. I'm talking about the basic physical aspects of their position (Champ looking back for the ball on long passes, Lavar going for the big blow-up only to miss or bounce off as well as running himself out of plays).

These shortfalls have nothing to do with schemes - just talent.

Agree totally that our main problem is a lack of a skilled GM who can get football players. Thomas and Hall are our only pickups from last year who have done anything worthwhile. When you lose Gardner and BDW off the roster and suffer from injuries and poor play of your "talent" the rest is history.

PS - Winey has shown so far that he could be a keeper. Good football players don't have to be high round picks or FAs. Keep an eye on him.

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He was drafted in 98 by the Eagles and played there for 4 seasons. The Eagles couldnt live with his deficiencies and let him go to FA.

We bought a pig in a poke who got a major injury. Sorry to be so brutal but even if he came all the way back he stunk last year when he was healthy so its time for an upgrade.

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Originally posted by Tom [Giants fan]

I think you guys should go easy on Trotter and give him a pass for this year. It usually takes two years for a player to get back to where he was after the injury he had. He should be the Trotter you guys drafted next season. I would at least give him that.

Drafted? Is that what they're calling taking players from Philly nowadays? ;)

Trotter wasn't very good last year either. Many LBs that come and play in philly (see: Mike Caldwell, Simoneau, Wayne, Trotter etc.,) play well.

Methinks a reason they may do so well is JJ's system.

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