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Positives to the season...the few


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What good things have happened in a year wrought with suckiness?

John Hall is having a great year. If he goes 3/3 over the next two games, he'll match his best FG percentage of his career. He is currently at 80%, a mark he has only matched that one time.

The LBs have been good. Trotter is over 100 tackles, and has a couple sacks and a pick. He looks much less confused than he was last year, his first outside of the simple one-gap defense of Jim Johnson. Armstead has been steady, leading the team in sacks and being a sure tackler. Arrington, despite what is called a down year, has 11 passes defensed, which leads the team and is a career high. He's also forced 5 fumbles, a career high as well.

Since the Giant game, Bailey has yet to give up a TD.

Dockery has managed to fix his brain farts and is finally contributing at LG like he should have all along.

McCants, even though departure rumors lurk, leads the team in TDs and is a very suitable 3rd WR.

Our safeties, while not the most talented players, aren't awful tacklers, and have each contributed in pass defense at opportune times. A 6th rounder for Bowen? Absolutely.

Randy Thomas and Jon Jansen are rocks on the right side, which will be a nice combination for years with Jansen's re-signing. I voted both for the Pro-Bowl, not because I'm a fan, but because I genuinely believe they've earned it, each as the third man at their position.

Coles might just end up in Hawaii, along with Arrington, Bailey, and Thomas or Jansen. Nobody else even has a chance, though.

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5-11 teams generally are lucky to send two players to the pro bowl.

We might send one.

Hall won't get it as he's playing for a losing team. they'll take some kicker who made clutch "game winning" kicks.

Only Thomas deserves it. Coles does, but the QB play hampers his chances.

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We still have the youngest team and coaching staff in the league, so we can consider this season as "gaining experience for next year" assuming we keep the team intact.

Ramsey will be through the famous sophomore slump for QB's once the season ends.

Almost everyone is under contract for next year and the core of the team is signed for many years. Coles, Jansen, Thomas, Ramsey. Arrington, Trotter.

The schedule will get easier next year, this year was rugged.

We MAY have a GM next season.

We will have a top ten draft pick.

That's all the positive spin I can possibly put on this season.

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