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These are the times that try men's souls

Dan T.

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It was a miserable day at Fed Ex. A cold, cold rain was blowing around, soaking everything. The Cowboys spanked the 'Skins, and early on the realization quickly sank in that the 'Skins offense would be incapable of scoring this evening.

This is a low point of a long tenure as a die hard fan. We stayed in the stands to the bitter end, to experience the bitter sound of hundreds of Cowboy fans taking over Fed Ex Field for an extended victory celebration.

Things look really bleak, and I'm fighting the impulse to just not care.

Please football gods, we've suffered enough. Give us some hope.

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Maybe I'll have to flash back to the days of rooting for the 'Skins as a kid, when they were awful, but at least Sonny J. was fun to watch. They had no running game, but with receivers like Charley Taylor, Bobby Mitchell, Jerry Smith, they sure as hell could score.

I sensed tonight the 'Skins couldn't have scored if the Cowboys D left the field early.

Who were the announcers on the telecast? What was the tone of the telecast?

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