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Anyone here who lived through 50s/60s years? Comparisons to now?

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3 hours ago, TD_washingtonredskins said:

Not only is it fun to read memories in here, but I get to make a mental note to use the phrase "clocks cleaned" in everyday discussion. 


Or, if you're Dexter Manley, "ring his clock," which he once said he was going to do to Montana. 

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I was 10 years old (1966) when I started watching the Skins. They didn't telecast home games back then. I didn't know a thing about football then and had to keep asking (actually annoying) my dad on what's going on. Back then I wasn't thinking about their place in the divisional scheme, just hoping they won game by game. The first game I attended at RFK was in '69. By then there had already been 2 SB's (I saw the second one on TV), so I was happy to see the Skins reach the SB for their first time in '73. That wasn't a long wait, especially with only about a decade later winning it.

But after winning their last one it now seems like an eternity. The Norv years were boring, and the present Snyder era is ridiculous. It's funny though, you'd think he would like to enjoy himself sitting up there in the booth most of these seasons as we continue to roll for playoff contentions. I know that most of the winning teams who keep showing up year after year have one thing in common... they all have GM's. Google them. OK, Cowboys with Jones, but at least he knows a little bit about football ('64 Arkansas Natioanl Champs). Our owner likes to think he knows 2 things about the game... Head Coach and QB. As long as he keeps playing this fantasy, and to him a GM is like taking these toys away from him, I'm afraid I'll never see this team reach the heights it once accomplished back in the day again.

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