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Did anyone else catch Part I on Sci Fi last night?

I thought it was ok. Not great.

Stuff I liked:

The homage to the old show. That they made Galactica one of the 'original' Battlestars which was antiquated by modern standards. "The phones have cords" and whatnot.

Edward J. Olomos as Adama. He plays the old warhorse quite well. Making Colonel Tai less of a weenie was a big plus too. I hated his character in the original series.

The sympathetic Baltar. Nice change. He was way too over the top evil in the old show.

Special effects and battle sequences, obviously, much better.

Stuff I didn't like so much:

Too many women. Starbuck is a woman. Boomer is a woman. The President is a woman. Hell, the frickin CYLONS are a woman. I'm ok with adding a few good female characters to an otherwise make-centric cast, but they went WAY overboard here.

Too much smooching. The robot chick makes out with the ambassador. The robot chick makes out with Baltar. Boomer makes out with the hangar chief. Baltar's in bed with some random hottie. All in the first hour. Time and place, guys. Time and place.

Snapping the infant's neck. Not necessary. Didn't like it.

It took too long to get things going. Take a half hour to introduce us to the cast, then start blowing things up. That's why we're watching. Reducing the makeout scenes might have helped here.

That's about it. Part II is tonight. I'll be watching.

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