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Star Ledger:Giants: New tricks hard for ol' ball coach


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Giants: New tricks hard for ol' ball coach

Thursday, December 04, 2003


Star-Ledger Staff

In his second season as the Redskins coach, Steve Spurrier has found the adjustment from college to the NFL to be difficult. For example, he has a 53-man roster, instead of 85 scholarship players as he did at the University of Florida.

"I sort of wish they would increase the roster sizes of the teams because of all the injuries all over the league," Spurrier said. "It seems like you get a new player and he goes and plays the next game pretty much."

The QB position is in limbo for the Redskins. Starter Patrick Ramsey (foot) is trying to return this week but is listed as doubtful, meaning Tim Hasselbeck is likely to continue to start.

"He probably will be the quarterback, but we'll see how Patrick is later in the week," Spurrier said.

A few more of Spurrier's observations as his Redskins prepare to play the Giants Sunday at the Meadowlands:

How are you doing?

Oh, we're hanging in there. It could be better, but I guess we are a little bit in the same situation as the Giants, 4-8 (and having) lost some close ones we had a chance to win. But this is where we are and we're trying to win as many as we can of the last four and trying to salvage a decent record.

Do you have a handle on what went wrong this season?

I am proud of the effort. We've been either in the lead in the fourth quarter or tied for the lead last week. We've led in the second half, but we just haven't finished games. We don't seem to be able to stop the other team. And offensively we can't stay on the field and make a drive when the game is on the line. That is what's happened to us and that is why we've lost our last three games. We had chances to win.

Has your Achilles' heel also been your offensive line?

Our line has really played a lot better the last few games. They played very well. I don't think we had a sack last week, the week before I think we only had one or so and we're staying onsides. It seems as if the line has played well lately.

Do you have any thoughts about returning to the college game?

No. I've said earlier that I have sort of had my run in the college game and I am trying to be successful at this level. So far I haven't been very successful.

Has your opinion about the pro game changed?

Well, it hasn't been as easy going up and down the field as I had hoped. But that is just the way it has worked out.

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