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Press Release: #Redskins Quotes- Gruden


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November 13, 2017


Head Coach Jay Gruden


On injuries:

“Will Compton has a Lisfranc sprain. Rob Kelley has an MCL sprain and aggravated his high ankle. Ryan Grant is in the concussion protocol. D-Hall [DeAngelo Hall] had a knee bone bruise and [Anthony] Lanier has a knee – MCL – sprain. Updates: Matt Ioannidis, hand, he’ll be day to day; [Niles] Paul is going to progress in the protocol, concussion; same with [Brian] Quick; and Jordan Reed will be day-to-day.”


On the prognosis for RB Rob Kelley and LB Will Compton:

“It’s going to be a few weeks. We just have to figure out how many and if they’re IR candidates or not. That’s what we’ll have to determine here in the next couple days.”


On if he’ll look for another running back:

“We’ll have to go get one, for sure. Whether we claim one on a practice squad or pick up a free agent, have some workouts, we’ll have to get another one in here quickly.”


On if Kelley or Compton are IR candidates:

“Possibility, yeah. I think it depends on how much time – three, four, five weeks, six weeks. We’ll have to wait and see, gather that information, see how many roster spots we have for other guys to fill voids. Obviously, we have to sign a running back, we need a spot there. Probably have to sign a linebacker, we need a spot there. Maybe a safety, need a spot there.”


On inconsistency:

“Well, I think there’s another 46 guys on the other side of the field that have a lot to do with that, too, and another coached football team. Each week we’re playing very good football teams, as we all know. And I’m not saying we’re not consistently playing well, I just think that we’ve run into some really good offenses, guys making some plays on the other side. We’re not matching, play-for-play, with the other team. Their offense has a good play, so it’s considered a bad play for our defense. Our offense might have a good play, vice versa. So, we just have to overcome the adversity, and we didn’t do that yesterday.”


On if the team suffers from "big heads" following wins:

“Maybe that’s the case. If they feel that way, then I’ve got to do a better job of making sure they don’t get a big head. It has been difficult to practice on Fridays, Thursdays, with the amount of injuries we’ve had and guys not being able to practice. We can’t go very long, so we count on a lot of our walkthroughs and mental preparation to really take care of some of the plays that we miss. For the most part, players have to get ready to play. And I have to do a better job of getting them ready to play, and if they’re not ready, then that’s on me.”


On the timeline of WR Ryan Grant’s concussion:

“Yeah, he went in and was evaluated for the concussion. And then, initially, the reports were he was cleared to go back in, but our training staff continued to monitor him and they decided not to put him back in.”


On if the NFL spotter was involved:

“Not that I know of, no. Our training staff took care of that. They went in there, and initially I think Ryan felt OK and passed all the tests. Then he had some more symptoms I think [Head Athletic Trainer] Larry [Hess] noticed it. So, it was good, they caught it and kept him out. He didn’t go back in the game.”


On clarifying that Grant did not play after being cleared initially:

“No, he did not.”


On what WR Maurice Harris can do in Grant’s absence:

“Yeah, I think Maurice can do a lot. I think Maurice’s value is he plays all three spots and he knows them very well. He’s an excellent blocker in the run game. Like I said, we can put him inside, outside, X, Z, whatever. He knows them like the back of his hand, so it’s great to have that comfort level with a receiver. Sometimes when guys flip positions, they line up wrong and we have to waste a timeout or what have you, so it’s good to have a guy like that. And the quarterbacks feel really good throwing to him because he’s always where he’s supposed to be.”


On how Harris has been able to pick up all three spots in a short period of time:

“I don’t know. He’s been here. He’s just a very smart guy. I don’t know. Some guys just pick it up quicker than others, and not to say that the other guys aren’t smart, it’s just that he’s just been moved around and bounced around. He’s had to fill in for Jamison [Crowder], he’s had to fill in for Ryan and he’s had to fill in for our X’s, so he’s been able to grasp all three. Some guys are just left in one position by design, so it’s nothing against them, it’s just good for him.”


On if a comfort level contributes to players’ ability to do that:

“Sometimes, comfort level. Sometimes we want a guy that’s on the ball. Sometimes we want a guy… Like Pierre [Garçon] always wanted to be on the ball so he was our X and so on and so forth.”


On if it is important for a new running back to be familiar with a similar system:

“It’s semi-important, but really we’re looking for the best available talented guy and our guys have been on top of the practice squads all year. [They] brought some names to our attention, myself and Randy [Jordan], and we’ll watch the film and come up with a player that we want to get. It’s not like we can just say, ‘Hey, come with us.’ They’ve still got to come. They could stay at their teams. So, we have four or five options right now we’re looking at and ranked them in order and we’ll try to get the first one and if we can’t get the him, we’ll get the second one. So on and so forth.”


On Harris both returning and blocking on the front line on kickoffs Sunday and how many players have that kind of versatility:

“Not many. That’s why he’s a valuable guy. He’s valuable because he can do a lot on [special] teams and like I said, he can do a lot at the receiver position. He’s not a flashy guy. He’s probably not a guy that’s going to wow you with his speed, but he’ll get the job done. He’ll make one-handed catches like he did yesterday and he’ll make key blocks like he did a few times also.”


On RB Samaje Perine’s performance:

“I think there are some runs that he hit the hole pretty good on. We’d still like to see some more better contact balance I guess, maybe run through a tackle here and there, but I think he hit his tracks the right way and made a couple good runs.”


On if he is surprised Perine hasn’t had more yards after contact:

“Probably a little bit, but I think we’ve got to get him more carries. I think with Rob’s injury now, we’ll see a lot more Samaje down the stretch here and I think he’s probably… By looking at him at Oklahoma and what we’ve seen from the little bit of him here, [he’s] probably better as the game goes on. I think he’s the type of guy that can wear down a defense and then his low center of gravity will take over and he’ll be able to bounce off some tackles.”


On what he wants to see out of Perine:

“I just want to see more production. That’s all, and he’s got to get the opportunity. We’ve got to see, like I said, if we have a guy unblocked in the hole, it’s run him over or make him miss, something, or make sure we continue to get positive yards and keep the chains in favorable down and distance and avoid the negative plays. He’s going to get better and better the more reps he gets and the more carries. So we will get a great look at him.”


On how he felt about the offensive performance against the Vikings:

“Yeah, that’s a tough one. There were some plays out there that were really good, really impressive for our offense against a very good defense, like you say. And there were some plays that we’d like to think we can make, unfortunately, and didn’t make them. Just got to get back to the drawing board here [at] 4-5 and try to make sure we continue to compliment on the good they’re doing, coach them on the things we need to do better and go from there. But there were some great plays to be had in that game, some we made and some we unfortunately didn’t make.”


On if he asked WR Josh Doctson why he stumbled in the end zone:

“I think he just stumbled coming out of his break. You know, he sold the block. He did a great job – was really patient and then he came out of it and I think he just got a turf monster, unfortunately. Couple guys wide open on that play.”


On if he was aware of a report alleging that the Browns tried to trade for WR Terrelle Pryor Sr.:

“I was not aware of that. That would probably go upstairs. That would probably be a Doug Williams question, but that never came to my attention.”


On the interior pass rush without DL Jonathan Allen and DL Matt Ioannidis:

“It’s hard to replace a first rounder, quite frankly. We miss Jonathan quite a lot. Then Matt was doing some good things also, so that’s two key rotational-type defensive linemen. Now we are asking more of Ziggy Hood, Stacy McGee and obviously Terrell McClain. They’ve got to step it up and Anthony Lanier and obviously [Brandon] Banks yesterday. We do need more production probably from the four and five position there and something needs to be addressed, but Ziggy, Stacy and Terrell, they are playing hard. They are just playing a lot of minutes so we have got to do a better job of that rotation and keeping all of them fresh like we did early in the year.”


On the interior pass rush Sunday:

“It wasn’t great, you know? We don’t really rely a whole lot on our interior pass rush. We’d love to get it in there, but we rely on them to get push in the pocket and letting our outside guys to get home, which really didn’t happen either. I think the combination of a lot of things yesterday just really wasn’t good enough. I think pass rush obviously, the coverage wasn’t good enough so hence the 400-plus-yard performance by the Vikings and 38 points.”


On if QB Kirk Cousins should have put more air on an overthrown pass to Doctson:

“There are different types of balls you can throw to him obviously. Sometimes that is an option, but, you know, if you’re trying to hold a safety, you can’t just throw it high. The safety can react and make a play on it also. So you want to try and beat the safety. Sometimes trajectory has to alter depending on where the safety is – or corner for that matter. He just overthrew him by a couple yards. It was a great idea. Josh ran a great route. We just missed on that one.”


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