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Press Release: #Redskins Quotes- Gruden, McVay


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January 8, 2016

Redskins Park

Head Coach Jay Gruden

Opening statement:

“We have got four guys questionable – [Quinton] Dunbar with his quad, Dashon Goldson with his shoulder/rib, Matt Jones with his hip and Perry Riley with his foot. Everybody else will be probable.”

On RB Matt Jones:

“Yeah, I’m not ruling him out yet but he didn’t do much today. He did a little bit and ran around just a little bit, we’ll see tomorrow. Not very encouraged, no.”

On CB Quinton Dunbar and the role CB Cary Williams will play Sunday:

“Quinton he had a little bit better day today following up yesterday. Again that’ll be how he progresses in the treatment room, we’ll see how he is. As far as Cary is concerned, I think he’s picked up the defense well. I don’t have any doubt that he can come in and play, if that’s the question. He can play corner, no problem.”

On the safety position with Dashon Goldson questionable and Kyshoen Jarrett on IR:

“Dashon had a good day today. He’s still a little bit sore. You still have D-Hall, you have [Deshazor] Everett, who’s played a little bit of safety and you have Jeron Johnson, so we’re OK there.”

On the energy and the mindset of the team:

“I feel good. I think this time of year to have a chance to still be playing – the guys should be energized. I’m sure Green Bay is energized also. It’s a matter of just getting these guys focused right now and getting them healthy, making sure they get off their feet tonight and get ready for another good practice walkthrough tomorrow then get their rest and let’s go play. But they’re ready.”

On if Kory Lichtensteiger will start at center:

“He just had to get rep after rep and show his shoulder was OK. But he’ll be starting center, yes. He’s fine.”

On if C Josh LeRibeus will be active:

“Yeah, well, we don’t pass out our active list until an hour before the game. But there is a good chance he’ll be active, yes. Josh is a very good player to have. He did a great job filling in and he’s good. He can play both guard spots and center, very versatile lineman, so he’s a great guy to have up on game day."

Offensive Coordinator Sean McVay

On his meetings with QB Kirk Cousins to discuss game planning and play calling:

“We get together every Friday and kind of go through the different situations, some of the things we like on first and second downs. And obviously his feedback, Coach Gruden and myself, we consider that. What he likes is what we like. We want him to be comfortable. He does an excellent job thinking through all the situations that can come up throughout the course of the game. He’s in essence playing the game before the game and I think that is why you see the success he is able to have because he does such a great job with his preparation.”

On what changed in the team’s pass protection during the final stretch of the season:

“I think it’s a combination of different things. Clearly any time that you are not giving up sacks, it’s a credit to everybody. It’s a credit to the offensive line doing a great job, the backs in protection and Kirk getting the ball out of his hand and receivers being able to separate. I think you were seeing some teams that did a nice job rushing the passer. A couple of those that did come up, we had some longer developing plays where you’re waiting for some things to happen on some third-and-long situations. Coach [bill] Callahan, Coach [Randy] Jordan, and those guys do a great job with the preparation and protections. Same thing with Coach [Matt] Cavanaugh preparing Kirk, and it’s a credit to everybody.”

On the Green Bay secondary:

“I think Coach [Dom] Capers does a great job mixing up some different coverages on the back end. They do a great job disguising rotations. I think [FS Ha Ha] Clinton-Dix and [sS] Morgan Burnett really holds shells and they’ll rotate down late to some single-safety structures or they might show you something else. They’re pressuring and I think they do a great job of mixing in their coverages. It’s a credit to Coach Capers’ system, which has always been very difficult to go against.”

On if he can take advantage of younger members in the Green Bay’s secondary:

“I think you are seeing very mature players. For the younger guys that they do have out there in [Damarious] Randall and [Quinten] Rollins, I see very mature players. They recognize concepts and they play very sound. So regardless if they are first-year players or not, you can see it is a very well-coached secondary and they are very sound in what they do on the back end.”

On how big of a boost it is having C Kory Lichtensteiger back in the lineup:

“I thought Josh [LeRibeus] did an excellent job stepping in and I’m really proud of the progress that he was able to make throughout the course of the opportunity he got when he was playing. Kory is a guy we feel very confident in, a veteran player that does an great job with the communication up front. Certainly until you actually play in a live situation, we won’t get a real feel for how his body will respond, but we feel good about the week he has had and looking forward to having him back.”

On Cousins’ adjustment to having Lichtensteiger back:

“I think they have done a great job this week. Kory is a guy who has a lot of experience with Kirk, so I think they have a natural rapport together and they were kind of able to pick up where they left off when he was last playing. I think we will be good on Sunday.”

On how weather could affect the offense:

“I think you always want to be ready to adjust in whatever the situation dictates. I think Kirk does a great job of handling a wet ball. We have had some situations where we expect that rain where we practiced with it and I thought our guys handled it well. If it does become one of those situations where it is a sloppy field, then it does change your approach a little bit.”

On the recent success in first quarters:

“I think it’s our players making great plays. They’re doing an excellent job. It starts with Kirk being able to recognize where the ball should go when we’re throwing it, then the receivers or tight ends being able to make plays, linemen protecting when we’re able to run the football efficiently. It’s the backs reading out and everybody getting their combinations. It’s a players game and I think they’ve done an excellent job executing the plays that we’ve been running.”

On Cousins’ success on first down:

“I think it’s something that we talk about where our biggest thing is we want to find the way to be efficient offensively, move the football and score points. Each defense dictates a different approach. Fortunately over the last couple weeks, Kirk’s done an excellent job making great decisions when we have been able to throw it. Certainly you always want to be able to have that balance to keep the run-pass options open. If we’re able to do that, then I think good things will happen for us.”

On the Packers’ pass rush:

“I think they do an excellent job with their movement up front. When you’re able to create pressure with four- and five-man rushes, got guys like Clay Matthews – he’s playing inside linebacker a lot of the time – but when they do use him in some of their rush patterns, he and [Julius] Peppers are really a nightmare to deal with. I think Mike Daniels is an excellent player. You’re seeing a lot of good things from [b.J.] Raji. They have excellent players. They do a great job with their twists and gains up front to be able to create leverage and work edges on linemen and be able to get some of that pressure you’re talking about.”

On how the week of preparation changes for the coaching staff in the postseason:

“Well, it’s the same approach. We try to keep a consistent approach like Coach Gruden talks about. Certainly we know that the stakes are a little bit higher. It is a defense that has taken a lot of time for us to try to get figured out. Like I said, have a whole lot of respect for Coach Capers and what he presents schematically. It’s definitely been a challenging week for us."


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