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Reuters: Palestinian toddler killed in suspected Jewish extremist attack: police


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Palestinian toddler killed in suspected Jewish extremist attack: police


A house fire in the occupied West Bank suspected to have been set by Jewish extremists killed an 18-month-old Palestinian child, injured a four-year-old brother and both parents on Friday, Israeli security officials said.


Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said the "Price Tag" slogan used in the past by extremist Israelis was daubed on the walls of the family home that had been torched in a village near the West Bank city of Nablus.

The "Price Tag" group has been blamed for a string of mosque torchings in the West Bank in the past few years, often in retribution for Israeli actions against illegally built settlements.


Israel tore down two illegal structures in the Beit El settlement earlier this week.



IDF calls attack at Duma in which baby killed “barbaric act of terrorism"
12:55 AM


IDF also deploying forces in West Bank to prepare for possible outbreak of disturbances
12:56 AM



BREAKING: Netanyahu: The murder of the Palestinian baby is an act of terrorism. I am shocked by this heinous criminal act
1:42 AM 
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Price tag attacks are a real problem but they never get any press, this one resulted in a death but hundreds of other ones see people being assaulted, their livelihoods and homes destroyed and the Israeli government either turns a blind eye or in some rare cases prosecutes the settlers with no where near the harsheness of how they deal with Palestinians. 

However, acts like this show the underlying violence that the Israeli settlers and by extension the Israeli state commits every day in the West Bank as they continue to colonize the land. It takes away the colonial mask if only for a second and exposes its root and basal nature. 

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Thousands across Israel protest violence, incitement


Thousands of people took part in rallies across Israel to protest Thursday's stabbing attack at Jerusalem's Gay Pride parade and the West Bank arson attack in which an 18-month-old Palestinian infant was killed.


Nasser Dawabsheh, the uncle of the infant burned to death in the West Bank village of Douma, said at a rally in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square: "Netanyahu offers his condolences, but we ask the defense minister and the IDF to restore security in the village of Douma and in all Palestinian villages… we want this to be the end of the suffering of our people. Before Ali there was Mohammed Abu Khdeir, and we don't know who will be next. We want the fires to end."


"Flames have engulfed our country," President Reuven Rivlin said at the rally in Jerusalem's Zion Square. "Flames of vuilence, flames of hatred, flames of a false, distorted and twisted beliefs. Flames which permit the shedding of blood, in the name of the Torah, in the name of the law, in the name of morality, in the name of a love for the land of Israel. "


"On Friday, I visited the family in Tel Hashomer hospital," he continued. "I visited, silently, ashamed, ridden with dread for the power of hatred. Ashamed that in a country which has known the murder of Shalhevet Pass, of the Fogel family, of Adele Biton, of Eyal, Gil-ad, Naftali and Muhammad Abu Khdeir, there are still those who do not hesitate to ignite the flames, to burn the flesh of a baby, to increase the hatred and terror."


"Citizens of Israel, a Jewish and democratic Israel, democratic and Jewish Israel, needs a wake-up call today," Rivlin said. "The Israel of the Declaration of Independence, the Israel of the vision of the Prophets, of compassion and mercy, today needs a wake-up call.  We will not be zealots. We will not be bullies. We will not become a state of anarchy."


Several thousand people attended the Jerusalem rally. Four Jewish youths were arrested at a police barricade nearby. One was arrested for breaching the barricade and charging toward the crowd. Two others were arrested for attacking police. The fourth youth was arrested for trying to free the others. One border policeman was hurt in the incident. Two additional Jewish youths were detained after screaming slogans against the rally near a police barricade.

A rally in Tel Aviv's Gan Meir, already planned to mark six years since two people were killed in a shooting at Barnoar, a Tel Aviv gay youth center, was turned into a protest against anti-LGBT violence following Thursday's stabbing attack. In the attack, six people were wounded by Yishai Schlissel, an ultra-Orthodox man who stabbed three marchers at Jerusalem's Gay Pride parade ten years ago. Two of the Thursday attack's victims remain in serious condition, while the remaining four were lightly or moderately injured.


An estimated 10,000 people turned up for the event in Gan Meir, where the gay youth center is located. One protester was arrested at the rally for failing to heed police orders to stay away from the stage, and for attacking an officer.

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