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Tandler's RR: Need to Know: Five good things from the Shanahan era


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The Mike Shanahan era is over. This morning we look at some of the good things the team accomplished since 2010. Tomorrow we’ll turn our attention to the bad.

In chronological order, five good things accomplished under Shanahan:


1. In 2010, the much-hyped return of Donovan McNabb to Philadelphia ended with the Redskins escaping with a 17-12 win over the Eagles. The following week they took on the eventual Super Bowl champion Packers at FedEx Field and came out with an exciting 16-13 OT win.



Thought maybe there was room in the self-flagellation on this board to maybe point out that there were some good things that happened during what I'll pompously refer to as "The Shannahan Era". 


The author mentions some of them. 


Some I'll mention: 


The impression I have is that the Redskins had more draft picks, and more of what I think of as "Day One" draft picks, than before he got here.  Although, looking at the actual draft results, that trend doesn't look to be nearly as huge as it is, in my mind. 


I would assert that, to me, the highlight of his term here was AlMo shoving the ball down the Cowboy's throat, at home, in what was a playoff game in all but the official stats.  Not only winning the division, but against the Cowboys, and the way they did it.  That game was ownership, from beginning to end. 


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