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Hey all!
As some may know or some may not care, I've been doing a snappy little podcast for about 9 years or so, the below-sig'd BANG RADIO HOUR

So we've been nominated for a 2013 People's Choice podcast award in the Sports category, and we're going up against ESPN fantasy baseball, CBS Fantasy Football, and a bunch of others.


we plan to do our usual and romp and stomp all over the field, burn, pillage and loot, and then laugh at them as we win and decline the award.


this isn't our first rodeo, we've won other podcast awards, and typically when we win we tell them we only entered to show everyone who was boss and we don't really even want the award.


This time we'd love to tell ESPN and CBS to check out the flavor of our sphincters.

So, good mojo requested so we can win and then act like douchebags about it :D


And if you ask yourself why you should help out a couple of immature spoiled slapnuts like us, it's because we're funny. And because the eyes of Herman Munster command you. You will do as Herman says... 

So send me your positivity, and if you're so inclined to enjoy some really awful sports related humor, check out the show.



The latest episode is a "best of"... and it's fairly old.. my partner tom had a family emergency last week and we didn't record a show, so he snatched that out of the archives and put it up.

It's still damn funny, including Warren Sapp scaring the poop out of british tourists,  the woman suing ESPN for firing her because they caught her dooking in trash cans around the ESPN offices..  to a phone interview with former US figure skater Johnny Weir, to the Ugandan Minister of Porn trying to outlaw homosexuality.

It's disgusting, it's juvenile, it's not at all safe for work, and it's a lot of fun.


And it's about to slap ESPN Fantasy Baseball and CBS Fantasy Football right in the yap.



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