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Think O'Neill Was Tough On The Skins?

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Teams looking good in the division cap wise next season or us the cowpokes and the iggles.

I aggre with him though that the 2 ancient linemen needs alot of luck to go the season without an injury and keep the midgets playoff hopes alive. I wish all of the the

teams could go injury free so we can see who actually is the best team in the East. Probably us



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exactly what does Armstead's contract squabbles in 1998 have to do with winning games in 2001?

The Giants don't have a lot of depth, but no one else does either. Unless you count Denver who has Beuerlein and Frerotte behind Griese. of course you have to forget Griese is coming back from a rotator cuff injury, Beuerlein is coming back from shoulder AND knee surgeries and is 37 years old and Frerotte is a more well-travelled version of the pre-Super Bowl Trent Dilfer, the average quarterback everyone loved to hate.

But seriously, the Giants didn't fare that badly in the offseason and Joe Montgomery wasn't a big loss on offense. Hilliard IS a team cancer, but then everyone has one of those as well. The Redskins are already paying THEIR cancer, Deion Sanders, a lot more money than Hilliard is getting, and will probably help the team a lot less if he comes back.

I am sure the Giants fans can sleep at night knowing Strahan/Hamilton/Griffin/Holmes will be starting on their defensive line for 2001. smile.gif

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