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Redskins Not Using The Same Offense As Last Year Seemingly Confirmed


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Mike Shanahan seemed to slip up and admit what we all have seen is that the team is not running the same offense as last year.


This morning on Inside the Redskins (nbc) Doc was talking to Shanahan about the Raiders offense and paraphrasing he said that they are doing some of the things we did LAST YEAR in the running game. He could have just said they do some of the same things we do and left it like that.  I thought it was interesting since the unified messages coming out from the organization was that everything is the same. 


Hopefully they will start importing some of the offense from ''last year'' like they did in the Detroit game so we can start clicking.



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Sorry, amigo.


Not worth it's own thread at all as constructed. Should be a post in one of several appropriate existing threads. There's more than one reason why, given the opening post's content (or lack thereof). Homework for anyone interested might be to figure those reasons out (no slam intended to anyone, but it shouldn't be too hard), but don't PM me asking me for the answers.  :)

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