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Keep Your Heads Up Guys


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I am happy we won but at the same time just wanted to say keep your chins up Redskin fans. You guys were 3-6 last year and won the division at 10-6. There is still a lot of time left and you have the Lions at home next week. You guys will be angry and your at home against a Lions team that isn't very good on the road and lost a heartbreaker to the Cardinals in the final minute. Then you face a Raiders team that you guys can beat. RG3 hopefully will get into a groove by next week. The Redskins are a classy team and most Packer fans have nothing but love for ya. Just remember you guys got us the last time in overtime and physically beat the crap out of us in 2010. I hope you win your division. . RG3 gets into a groove and the Skins will be just as good as anybody. You had over 400 yards of total offense and torched our defense. The fumble by James Jones just before halftime I thought was going to come back and bite us because I was afraid the Skins would rally like last week. You did rally a bit as well. Again keep your heads up. I hope Merriweather is ok and comes back next week. God bless you guys.

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