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Press Release: Shanny Quotes


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August 16, 2013

Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center

Executive Vice President/Head Coach Mike Shanahan

On linebacker Brian Orakpo:

“He’s got a quad bruise, a thigh bruise. It’s a little bit tight right now. I don’t think it’s anything serious.”

On if Orakpo could play Monday night:

“Yes. Unless there’s a setback, but I don’t anticipate that at this time.”

On if there are players he has ruled out for Monday’s game:

“There’s always a number of players, but at this time, I don’t want to announce it because I’m not positive, especially with a Monday night game with a couple days of rehab and treatment.”

On his assessment of his first camp in Richmond:

“I thought it was as good as it possibly could be. You come to camp trying to get better as an organization, as a football team. We were able to accomplish that. The fields were in excellent shape. This facility is perfect for us – weight room, training room. The staff at the Omni was great. We had everything that we were hoping for with meals, meeting room. Just overall, I thought it was a great camp and at the end of the day, you’re hoping you’re better and I think we were.”

On if rookie running backs Chris Thompson and Jawan Jamison could play on Monday:

“We haven’t gone over our playing time yet, a lot has to do with the health of our players. A lot has to do with kind of the flow of the game, how the game’s going. Yeah, we’re going to try to evaluate all our players over the next three games, get everybody a chance, but it’s kind of hard to tell you exactly what’s going to happen because I’m not positive at this time.”

On his plan for quarterback Kirk Cousins on Monday:

“Our plan is to play him for the first half.”

On plans for his quarterbacks following Cousins:

“Rex [Grossman] will get some playing time and Pat [White] will get some playing time, but right now we’ve normally gone with the third and fourth quarter. A lot is determined by the number of plays. You’re guessing there because you’re not sure the time of possession. Even last week with our defense, we put some guys in early in the fourth quarter and they got five plays a piece, so you are never really sure how many plays they get, but it’ll be somewhere in the area that hopefully we can splitout the reps.”

On the status of wide receiver Donté Stallworth for Monday’s game:

“Stallworth will not go. We’re trying to get that hamstring ready. He’s getting a little bit better, but not good enough to play.”

On the status of linebacker Roddrick Muckelroy:

“Muckelroy right now, his shoulder is still sore. We’ll see how it is over the next couple of days. It’s probably a long shot.”

On status of cornerback Ryan Mouton:

“Mouton is a longshot as well. You don’t want to play a guy with that hamstring at this stage.”

On status of offensive lineman Jacolby Ashworth:

“Ashworth will be out – just sore.”

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