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mama said there'd be days like this

Ignatius J.

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Patrick Ramsey had a bad day. Maybe not as bad as the packer's game last year, but easily his second worst game of his career.

This loss is completely attributable to the fact that we had a very young offense on the field. Between Dockery and Ramsey, enough mistakes were made to more than make up for the two point difference.

To go into the year expecting Patrick to play a season without games like this is simply foolish, so I hope that many will not take this game too much to heart. We will become a better team.


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Originally posted by NavyDave

I wish we would have came out running it might have helped establish the run and put ramsey in better position

I thought the same thing. Why not establish the run to set up the play action?

The coaches had to know that we had little chance of winning the game on the ground, so there was little to be gained by passing first running second.

We let the Eagles get confidence early on that they could stop our best asset, the passing game, and simultaneously instilled doubt in our offense that they could win that matchup.

Also, in a loud, hostile environment in a big game, why not let your team settle in a little bit?

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Originally posted by RySkins

Ramsey had a bad day and he's still the best player on our football team.

Ramsey had a bad day, but Coles was worse. Even with the off-target throws, he blew at least 3 potential receptions ... and he was partially responsible for the first interception.

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