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(360) OBA is a REAL SIM LEAGUE looking for Mature Coaches 25 and up for upcoming Season 2


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We're in Season 1 now nearing 2 games till playoffs.. We'll be playing for as many seasons as we can, so join this league to be part of a great Community for the long-term.

Please Read whole Ad before filling out Application or contacting to Join. You will also go through a screening process in Madden OBA Community playing a couple games to make sure your a good fit for the league.

Age: 25 and older

Active Xbox players Only

League advances every 4 days

OBA was created in 2010 and we look forward to going into our third year.

Career Type: Coach

OBA is a SIM league only[/b] with a firm set of rules in place to ensure it stays SIM. Enlisted in OBA are core members that have played an integral role in the league for over 3 years. At this time we have openings and are hoping for more qualified members to take us to 32 teams. OBA is searching for professional people that want to be part of a league for the long term. We're searching for people that are willing to communicate, play their scheduled games and posses great sportsmanship. Our goal is for our members to retain a competitive edge while having fun at the same time! OBA DOES NOT want people that play with a RANK game mentality. If you play to Win at any Cost then this league is NOT FOR YOU.

**We use the newest authentic NFL rosters and update after each season. **

Check out the site (OBAGAMING.COM ) and see what we have to offer. If you like what you see, head over to our forums and check into the League visitor center to read the rules of play. If interested, you can fill out a coach application (located in the visitor center section of the forum). You will not be required to"log in" in order to fill out an application just post reply and fill out the Application Questions and copy them to you post. If you have any questions regarding OBA you can contact the Commish on Xbox Live - GT : Pigskinrodeo for a quicker response.

Things OBA Offer

Weekly Radio Shows/ Great Community/ Custom Super Bowl Tickets to Winners Each Season and End of Season Awards in forums. 3 vs 3 Team play Coach Pro Bowl

To provide a competitive SIM STYLE league for users that are TRUE FANS of the Madden Team they use in League play. We ARE NOT looking for users that wish to use 85+ Rank Elite teams simply to increase their ability to win. Those teams will be awarded to users new to Madden or those still below average in actual game play ability. We seek competitive balance; a Rank15 User playing with Miami is acceptable, while same user with New England is not. We have users that would win the Super Bowl every year if awarded a +88 team; that is not our objective.

This is a SIM STYLE league; that does not mean we regulate play calling to cater to weak players. Our complete definition of SIM is explained in the OBA Rules if you need more claification..

Teams Right now that we currently open.





All-Pro, 6-minute Quarters

Latest CC Roster Update.

No trades No Free Agents just real Rosters.

Injuries: OFF

Coaches Only

Firing: Off

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sorry for the late reply. After the season is over in league if they come out with the newest updated rosters then we use the newest one. Example we used the Week 1 roster update for season 1 then 2nd season we use the newest roster update week4 and once this season is over we use the end of the season roster. for season 3

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