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HogFest de-brief....


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Another year and another great HogFest tailgate event has happened. The Redskins organization took care of us again; allowing us to set up early and welcoming us on the JumboTron. We can thank my wife for that. As I said before, it’s really neat to see first hand how HogFest is growing every year.

Unfortunately this year’s event did not pass without a couple of bumps. The bus that I chartered and confirmed on Friday didn’t show at the Marriott! So I had 35 HogFesters stranded on Sunday morning with no means of getting to the stadium. :doh: There was smoke coming out of my ears, I was so pissed. :mad: NHSkinsFan stepped up to the plate and really delivered. He did what he needed to do to quickly find another bus, the front desk helped out too. Unfortunately quite a bit more money was needed for the bus, so people kicked in to make it happen. They arrived at the tailgate site about an hour later than originally scheduled.

It was so great seeing all of the “alumni” again and of course all of the new faces. Tarhog, Brave, Tommy-the-Greek, DC_Clone, Dark Horse, Romo sits to pee and other new faces were great additions to this year's event, not to mention the "alumni" Blondie, PCS, DieHard, Blade, etc. I hope the event was everything you wanted and more. There was really good food. The grill on-site really made a big difference. The Bloody Marys were delicious (thank you Larry). Speaking of #01 Fan, he was a huge help this weekend. I really needed somebody to run around with me on Saturday and help set-up on Sunday. He was the man! Atlskin drove all over MD to get ice! It was nowhere to be found because so many people still did not have power from hurricane Isabel. He pretty much flagged down an ice truck to get some.

The weather was great. We lucked out there again.

The prizes this year were not short of both quantity and quality. I left my trivia book at home, so I kind of had to shoot from the hip there. Sorry about that everyone. A new contest this year was added. Hula hoop contest! And boy was it a riot! We played a great joke on RatBoy. When it came time to cheer for him in the most decked out fan contest, no one made a sound! He ended up winning when we did it again for real, but man that was frickin hilarious! I hope some of you guys challenge him next year. Phil didn’t back up any of his beer shot gunning claims. Counter Trey was the victor there. However, I have to admit I was disappointed when I saw that he left the piñata helmet behind instead of wearing it in the stadium. Apparently he was in "no condition" to wear something that may affect his walking. :D That is a sure fire way to get on the jumbotron. First place was a full size helmet signed by Sonny Jergunson. Punishment had the lucky ticket for that one.

Everybody knows about the game. After the heart wrenching loss, we all gathered back at the tailgate site and cracked open one more beer. Everyone’s spirits were not that low. Just in case any of you are wondering; I did NOT run around tackling things this year. Although there was a Giants fan there who was desperately begging me to kick his teeth in. He was very obnoxious and I verbally let him know it.

Anyway, it was great seeing everyone. I consider many of you to be good friends. And I’m looking forward to cultivating new friendships too.

Here’s to a great HogFest in 2003 and an even bigger one in 2004!


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