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Free Agency and Trades


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As for trades and free agency, BOTH will be done through the League Manager and NOT the console. This way you can add the amount of years as well as how much you are paying. I WILL MAKE ALL TRANSACTIONS THROUGH LM.


Trading deadline is Week 6.

There's a limit of 3 trades per team per season.

There will be a trade committee to approve trades; no outrageous trades will be accepted. I'm thinking 3 or 5 people is a good number. Preferably, I'm against trading rookies on teams. However, if the majority wants to trade them, then it's allowed.

Free Agency

There is a salary cap. It is $120,000,000. At season's end, it will increase 4 or 5 million.

You MUST maintain your salary cap.

ONLY ONE FREE AGENT SIGNING PER WEEK! Again ONLY ONE free agent signing per week.

If there is an injury of 5+ weeks you can make a signing ONLY TO THAT POSITION to cover it, regardless if you made your ONE FREE AGENT SIGNING! (If you lose two players for the year in one week, you can sign two players to replace them.)

If week one you made no signing this does NOT mean week two you are able to sign TWO FREE AGENTS!

As for free agency during regular season, it's a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis. You want a player, make sure you sign him. There WILL be cap hits, so cut wisely. ;-)

You CAN cut someone and sign someone in that same position REGARDLESS if you made a free agent signing but it must be WITHIN 9 OVR POINTS! So no cutting a 50 OVR DE for a 89 OVR DE.

Through League Manager we will have it so we will bid on free agents in the offseason. Obviously we will set up a time to do free agency and since it is through league manager everyone should be able to make it. The fun part about this is we will get into some crazy bidding wars with high free agents. I also will make it so the highest bidder is hidden - so if you were outbid it will just come up saying there is a higher bidder. There is a tab that will keep an eye on the players you have targeted. There will be a pop up box when you are trying to bid on a free agent that will show your available space and how much is tied up into free agents.

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We can't sign and release ourselves if we follow the rules


---------- Post added December-26th-2011 at 09:50 PM ----------

‎49ers cut SS Reggie Smith (78 OVR) and sign FB Lousaka Polite (87 OVR).

Panthers release DE George Selvie (60 OVR) and sign DE Vernon Gholston (66 OVR).

Packers release RB Alex Green (64 OVR) and sign RB Noel Devine (65 OVR).

Cowboys sign C Jake Grove (77) and cut C Phil Costa (68).

---------- Post added December-26th-2011 at 10:00 PM ----------

Colts cut DT Antonio Johnson ( 72 OVR) and sign DT Clifton Ryan (77 OVR).

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i sent a FA signing due to injury and id like to release several guys. i sent one but it he didnt get released. Do we need to notify you for players we just want to release? im really not used to all these rules and structure, just trying to follow them since I just joined

im used to being able to sign and release any time I wanted like before a game so i understand i just need to be patient since i just joined.

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