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  1. Its gotta be the coaching. I dont see any other way.. too loosey goosey around here. Scheme your guys open..teach these guys to be crafty in crossing patterns or something. Wide receivers dont have to be great route runners or the fastest guys to get open..What are we doing out here? Sean Mcvay would have schemed to get them open.. Also I watched games where Alex smith couldn't get the ball to a wide receiver in KC to save his life just a couple years ago. It was game in and game out..Defense saved those games.... shortly after that, they drafted Mahomes. Maybe it's that too
  2. Corey Coleman is out there now too and has showed more promise than Perriman. If we are poking around the bottom of the barrel on 1st round draftees that have been cut recently l, hes at the top of my list..
  3. How long are we going to continue with Jordan Reed being injury prone? I see this season where we need to get the most value out of him by trading him for a 2nd round pick, maybe in the draft. We could draft a TE, Hayden Hurst or Mike Gesicki, and give Alex Smith a potentially more dependable TE option while they play behind Vernon Davis while he ages. Also, it could be the best of both words as both are better blockers than Jordan Reed and can develop under Alex Smith's arm. I am losing my patience with Jordan Reed. He is such a big part of our offense and relying on
  4. i dont post often but, i dont know if this site was mentioned http://livetv.ru/en/ is where i watch ALL sports games that are on tv..
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