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Official Redskins/Jets DL Discussion Thread - ""If their IQ's were five points lower, they would be geraniums."


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Opponent Offensive:

LT: D'Brickashaw Ferguson

LG: Matt Slauson

C: Nick Mangold

RG: Brandon Moore

RT: Wayne Hunter

Rushing Rank: 21st

Passing Rank: 25th

The O-Line of the Jets on paper should be their strong suit. Ferguson and Mangold are pro-bowl caliber players, but injuries to this unit as well as the RB's have skewed their stats down. This is a line built to play against 3-4 teams as every team in their division as well as the Ravens and Steelers in the AFC North operate out of this set.

Battles to watch:

Nick Mangold vs. Cofield and Neild.

"Mangold has excellent initial quickness to gain leverage early in the play. He understands angles and how to leverage larger defenders.

Mangold uses quick hands and a deceptively strong initial pop to maintain body positioning at the point of attack. He lacks great lateral quickness and agility on the second level. He doesn't have great natural strength to anchor versus powerful bull-rushers but uses pad level and technique to keep larger defenders at bay."

D'Brickashaw Ferguson vs. Bowen and Scott

"He opens up great holes for his running backs and is part of the best O-line in football.

Ferguson's technique is impeccable—he does everything right."

Wayne Hunter vs. Carriker

Best I can find on Hunter is that his backup is better then he is. lol

*Sorry to have to start this at the start of the game.*

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1st Dive: D-Line did a great job occupying the line and letting the LB’s make the plays on all but one run. The problem with this drive was the screen play to LT. On the other throws the Jets schemed to get the ball out of MS hands faster then the rush could get there. Cofield did a great job batting the one ball, unfortunate that no one could get there for a pick.

7 out of 10 by the DL. Sometimes you can play well but the Offense is clicking and there is nothing you can do.

2nd Drive: Great job by the D-Line. 1st play Greene tackled in backfield. 2nd play Carriker does great job from backside making tackle but whole DL and LBs were there to help. 3rd play was a screen on 3rd and 11. Gain of about 7 but D was set not to give up the big play.

All in all 9 out of 10.

3rd Drive: Great pass protection on the first play, misdirection pass play on the second, and a quick throw on the 4th (third was a throw away) and the jets have 40 yards. DL is getting NO pressure on him. First run of the drive gets 9 yards, same thing, OL is killing DL on this drive. On 2 and 1 Jets get 1st. Carriker is actually doing a good job getting into the backfield on his man, NT and RDE not so much. Two good plays in a row, Sanchez on almost every play is throwing at the top of his drop like he should. Big third here! Good push up the middle but Sanchez is able to drop a bit farther and set to throw a cross route. Good hold.

5 out of 10. Should have done better holding the Jets back at their 15 and keeping the field position battle going our way.

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2nd half:

1st drive: Now that's what I am talking about! Should have had a hold called in the endzone for a safety.

9 out of 10 only because we didn't get 2 points. lol

2nd drive: Good job on 1st holding up everything and forcing the play to stretch to the outside for no gain. On 2nd Sanchez throws fast for 7 yards before the DL can do anything. Good pressure on 3rd forces the inc.

8 out of 10.

NOTE: The Jets are doing a great job of throwing out of three step drops. Hard to get much of a pass rush when the ball is coming out so fast.\

3rd drive: Misdirection for 8 yards on first, then up the middle on 2nd for 1. 3rd and 1, jumbo, good push but better run. 1st down Jets are man on man blocking and give Sanchez time, 2nd and 3rd we bring a little more pressure and force a fast throw on 2nd and a throw off the back foot on third. Great pressure from Bowan on that one. Gave up a 51yd fg.

7 out of 10. Gave up the first down and 3 points, but Jets had good starting field position. Other then the run on first down the DL played well.

4th drive: Wildcat on 1st for 7 yards, but great stop on 2nd and 3rd. FG Missed!

7 out of 10.

5th drive: 1st down. kept 8 in to block, shoulda had a pick! 2nd down, wildcat, stopped for a gain of 2. 3rd down, PUKE. sigh, 15 yarder.

1st down, batted ball by Orakpo (was held also but no call), 2nd, illegal cut block. Screen on next 2nd and 96 played it Great! gain of 2. Screen on 3rd, set up well but Jets messed it up. Good pressure also.

7 out of 10. A lot of 2 DL on that drive it seemed.

Sorry all, not going to be able to update anymore.

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