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The Problem is that Kyle is too pass happy


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Kyle claims that the when first 3 runs only gain 2 yards, he has to pass the rest of the game. Well at least that is what he does even if he won't say it.

I agree with Doc Walker on this, we should run the ball and set the tone. Too many 3rd and shorts he is calling a fancy pass. That disses the O'line and is bad coaching.

Mike calls plays much better. I hope Kyle moves on soon.

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You're probably going to catch from heat for starting this thread as it is the basis of many arguments in many threads already.

That being said I totally agree with you. I wish sometimes Mike called the plays.

Look at what Gary Kubiak is doing in Houston with Shanahan's offense albeit Arian Foster and Ben Tate solid zone runners.

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Folk are gona' point out that the overall run/ pass ratio has been much more balanced this year and he's been far more committed to the run game; which on the surface is true.

But it's situations like those above that have us at 24 third downs made out of 72 attempts (33% - Joint 24th in the league); and his tendency to go away from the run for long spells in games that tell the real story.

The added problem now is the only side of the line we've had success running on this year is now decimated by injury. So heck knows how our run production will drop now.

But overall, as you said, one can only hope Kyle "moves on soon" in his play calling.


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