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Second round of World Cup Qulaifying starts Friday for Concacaf.


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Im sure it interests next to nobody but me, but here's the info-

Goltv will televise a bunch of the games.

The US has a bye til the next round, but they will get the winner of groups E and F.

Group E- Grenada, Guatemala, St Vincents & Grenadines and Belize

Group F- Haiti, Antigua and Barbuda, Curacao and US Virgin Islands.

Out of those, only Guatemala away would give the US any sort of game.

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Yeah, the US really lucked out for the next round, missing El Salvador, T&T, Panama and Canada, the likely winners from the other groups.

So while the US and Jamaica will probably be paired with Guatemala (Fifa Rank No. 113) and Antigua and Barbuda (106), Mexico and Costa Rica have to deal with T&T (91) and El Salvador (75), and Honduras and Cuba get Panama (62) and Canada (102). The US and Jamaica should have a much easier time advancing to the final stage given these matchups than any of the other CONCACAF powerhouses.

On a side note, I was surprised to see that A&B was rated higher than Guatemala. Strange...

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Guatemala was aweful from 06-09. They dropped after not qualifying for the Gold cup in 09.

But Ruiz is legit. Pappa and Lopez are very good.

They have beaten El Sal, twice in the last year and a half, tied with Honduras and Bolivia, lost by 1 to Mexico and Japan.

The US will paste Antigua, anyplace they play. But I think the US would be happy with a draw away to Guatemala. Some of the worst fans in the world, ****ty stadium, turf etc.

I'll be rooting for El Sal and TnT to advance. A group of Mexico, Costa Rica, El Sal and TnT? Ughh. Glad that's not our group.

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