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Chris Mortensen on Sam Adams and Ron Stone


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Both of 'em are asking for some serious jack . . .<br /><br />Chuck (Boston): What is going on with Sam Adams? What is he asking for and where do you think he is going to go? <br /><br />Chris Mortensen: (5:11 PM ET ) Sam Adams aparently has overpriced himself on the market, for now. An NFL exec told me that Adams was looking for an $8 million signing bonus. Now that does not sound unreasonable to me (hey, it's not my money) for a guy who has gone to two straight Pro Bowls (this year's may not have been warranted) but he's a load at a critical position. There's no "hot team" as we speak, or that I have heard of. <br /><br />. . . . .<br /><br />Johnny (Austin): What about Ron Stone? He's still out there and he's a great guard. Is it just that no team has the room to sign him, or are teams waiting for his price to drop? <br /><br />Chris Mortensen: (5:16 PM ET ) Yeah, Stone has hopes of landing a significant contract but he's going to have to lower his price, and then he'll get some action. He is a good guard capable of having a great season.

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