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NPR: Hazel Dickens (for bluegrass fans and others)


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Had a chance to meet and chat with Hazel Dickens who's about to receive a lifetime achievement award for her work in the field of bluegrass... or should I say another lifetime achievement award. For those of you who don't know much about her, I didn't, her work has been around since the fifties when she left the mountains of WV for Baltimore. She grew up poor. So poor that a glass of milk was a luxury and a breakfast of a biscuit was good eating. Musically, she's been covered by everyone from Tim O'Brien to Dolly Parton, but strangely enough her musical partner compares her to the Sex Pistols.

Anyway, very serious cool lady. The interview almost didn't happen because she's been having trouble fighting off some sickness which forced to her to cancel a show. She says in the last 50 years, she thinks that she has only canceled about three times.

Here's the story...



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