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GM: Denmark develops wireless postage stamps. When do we get them?


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Funny, I thought stamps were already wireless. ;)

Denmark develops wireless postage stamps. When do we get them?

Hey, Canada Post? It was pretty progressive of you to introduce your “buy now, use any time” permanent stamps (we haven’t had to buy those pesky 1-cent stamps in years), but we’ve scouted out the next frontier for you: text messaging. That’s right. We text a number, you text us back a code and we put that on the envelope.

Wait, wait. Before you think we’re being too radical and space age with this suggestion, know that the Danes will be doing this next month.

BBC News reports the Danish post office has introduced The Mobile Postage service as an alternative to the antiquated stamp system – at least for standard-sized letters.

Instead of buying those little stick ‘ems and affixing them on our mail (like civilization has done since the 1840s), residents of Denmark will be able to send a text message that says “PORTO” to a designated number and will receive an automated message with a code that they can write on a piece of mail. When users receive their phone bills, they’ll see the charges for the mailing codes, which will be the standard rate.

Click onthe link for the full article

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