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Cowboy Fans should be wary "Quotes from Matt Mosley" Cowboys leading homer


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Questions and Answers from Mosleys chat yesterday.


Robin (kansas)

if Romo sits to pee was the starter for the pack- do you still think they win the superbowl?


Impossible to know. I think they'd be a playoff team. How's that?

Brandon (Norfolk Va)

Do you see Dallas on top of the nfc east this season?




You just referenced Gabbert, do you really think there is ANY shot at Dallas drafting a QB in round 1? I say hell has a better chance at freezing over. Like Dallas needs another QB controversy.


Nope, I don't think it will happen. But I'm anxious to find out how the Cowboys have graded Gabbert.

chris (san fran)

rate the cowboys new coaching staff


On what scale?

Mosley doen't sound to enthused about the cowboys chances next year.

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Erik (Catasauqua)

Hey Matt. Call me crazy, but I truly think not only will the Cowboys return to the playoff's this year, but also have a good shot at winning the Division. The culture Garrett has brought, along with the great coaching staff, do you believe the Cowboys can finally get the most out of the great TALENT they have?


(12:43 PM)

I think we may have overrated this "great" talent. Or maybe we just assumed that these talented players wouldn't quit on a coach. I think Garrett will do a nice job, but the man's not a miracle worker. You have O-line issues, mediocre RBs and a former first-round pick at OLB who has regressed. Oh, and a secondary that failed miserably last season. Remind where all the great talent is again??

Mosley must be trolling ES!

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