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Labor Day marks the unofficial end of Preseason, and with it, a few truths to remind all of those fans disillusioned by a miserable preseason :

Preseason is a time when :

1. Their backups beat our backups

2. Our best players sit out because of hangnails and tummy-aches.

3. We PRACTICE certain things, NOT perfect. That's what puts the PRE in preseason.

4. In years past Dallas has been known to go winless in awful fashion during preseason, only to go on to win the Super Bowl.

5. Washington has been known to undefeated or 3-1 in preseason, only to win between 3 and 7 games during the regular season.

6. And finally, lets be honest : Preseason is something that NOBODY EVER talks about during the regular season or postseason. Unless their trying to prove a point like I'm making.

And what point would that be ? Preseason don't mean SQUAT !!

So lets go out and kick some glutius maximus !!

And consider that when the Skins line up against San Diego opening day, they will be driven by the ADDED inspiration to win it for my birthday !! What a way to start the season. And that momentum will no doubt carry on for another 15 games.

[edited.gif by Mick on September 03, 2001.]

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I don't know what this says about me Mick, but I can't wait for your birthday. The suspense is killing me. My pops just got the dish and the ticket so I plan on watching every game on TV and not moving from the couch.

Would it be out of the question to ask how old will you be?


Randy Redskin

Fan for Life

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Thanks Dave - me, I'll have a Mick-elob Light.

Randy, I'll be 33. Ironically tho, when the Skins line up against the Bolts, I will be on a barren island in the Carribbean, whose population is about 4500. So, if I actually walked up to a local and said "Excuse me, where's the nearest sports bar with complete satellite reception, where I could catch the Skins game," they'd probably look at me like I'm an alien. The ideal birthday present for me, would be if someone volunteered to send me a copy of the game tape...hint, hint... of course I would send a check for compensation. Or maybe I'll just get a tape from Atl-Skin or C-Skin, since I'll be in Atlanta the following week.

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