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This is my first time starting a thread so here it goes:

I was a freshman at University of Delaware when Flacco was a senior so I was aware of his talent before ESPN was all over him. Then this year all the hype is that my old school has another QB prospect in Pat Devlin who led the team to the FCS Championship game. So I tuned into the game to watch the Blue Hens play Eastern Washington and what I saw was Devlin make a few nice throws, but for the most part Delaware ran the ball over and over and Washington couldnt stop it for awhile. Once the Eastern Washington defense stopped the run for awhile, I wasn't all that impressed by Devlin. Flacco seemed a lot more talented to me watching him play for the Blue Hens.

BUT... I was oddly impressed by the Eastern Washington QB, a transfer from SMU, named Bo Levi Mitchell. He was athletic (threw on the run well, rolled out VERY well and extended the play) and also made a lot of nice crisp throws and really had some zip on his passes. He led the team back from a 19 point deficit to win, ALL on his arm. Did anyone else see this game? And if so, was anyone else as impressed by that kid as I was? Potential late round gamble pick?

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Definitely wasn't Devlin's best game, but he is good. I'm a UD season ticket holder and his receivers aren't as good as Flacco's were in 2007. Had a few dropped balls in the Championship game including one where the receiver tipped it in the air for an interception. UD lacks speed at the receiver position this year as well. Devlin is good. Hopefully he'll have a good showing in East/West game or whatever the college all star game is called. He's a different type of QB than Flacco. He'll suit a West Coast type of short to intermediate oriented passing offense as opposed to an offense that runs a lot of deep pass plays.

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Flacco was drafted by a team with a great o-line, strong run game and one of the best D#s.

He is good but it helps a lot if you have this kind of supporting crew around you.

I never saw Pat Devlin but if he would be drafted by us, there is no way he comes close to the Flacco succes.

I am not saying that Flacco is overrated but I think he is just a big arm QB who takes what the D# gives you. He is not the type that will win games with his arm (at this point of his career) and puts the balls in really tight windows. I give his teammates a lot of credit for his succes.

But that is not what Kyle and Mike Shanahan are looking for.

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