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Final Pre-Season Woody


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right now Dorian Boose might turn out to be a more important player for the Redskins than anyone thought 2 or 3 weeks ago.

most of us thought Bankston would stick and Boose would go once Bruce came back. Instead it was the older and more versatile Bankston that was released.

At 6'5 and 292 Boose has the size to be a factor against the run but seemingly has been an indifferent performer even under the watchful Parcells who tried to cajole the talent out of him for 2 years.

Supposedly getting cut from the Jets changed his outlook and made him realize he was to work to stay in the NFL and turn his career around.

We can only hope at this point he is serious and Kurt and Marty can work some magic with this player.

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Marty has reclaimed talent with the best of them. DT Dan Saleamua among others thrived under him despite having been dumped by other teams.


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