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Star-Ledger-Jets Q&A: Ramsey buoyed by Coles' presence


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Jets Q&A: Ramsey buoyed by Coles' presence


Tuesday, September 02, 2003


Star-Ledger Staff

Second-year pro Patrick Ramsey is the player Washington Redskins coach Steve Spurrier is hanging his reputation on this season. And Spurrier swears he's going to stay with Ramsey in good times and bad.

We'll see.

Last season, Spurrier changed quarterbacks on five occasions. Two of his choices -- ex-Florida Gators Shane Matthews and Danny Wuerffel -- are no longer with the team.

Ramsey, selected with the final pick in the first round, showed promise last season after a holdout slowed his progress. He completed 177 of 227 passes (51.5 percent) for 1,539 yards, nine touchdowns and eight interceptions in five starts. He was 2-3 as a starter.

Yesterday during a media conference call, Ramsey talked about the upcoming season.

How much did your holdout hurt you last year?

I think it certainly hurt, primarily because I was unable to learn all of our plays in one spot. I really didn't have a reserve of plays to draw from during the season because you put in a certain number of plays.

Say you have 100 plays. You use 30 or 40 for a game, but at the same time you have the other 60 plays there that you can draw from later as a reference and I didn't have that. It was much more difficult when I started to play.

When did you learn you would be the starter this season?

I was actually told at the conclusion of last year. I kind of approached this season with that mind-set.

What has it been like to work with Laveranues Coles?

It has been a pleasure, not only because he's so talented, but because of his fearlessness and the working attitude he brings. I think it's infectious and he brings a very important addition to this team.

They gave Coles a lot of money. Is there any pressure to get him the ball?

I think his talent demands that because of his play-making ability. No one has put a bug in my ear about that. This offense is based on the guys we have running downfield and we're going to try and hit the open guy.

Can you sense an excitement level from Coles about the game coming up with the Jets?

Coles isn't incredibly excitable when we are around the facility and watching film. You can see that he's definitely working hard toward something. Whether that be this game or to have a breakout year, I think that he's certainly working hard and he's doing well.

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Wow! I don't even have to surf the net this morning. This is great! Got my coffee and I'll read till my eyes bleed. :laugh:

However, perhaps there ought to be a new forum created just for these reports. I find myself having to dig through the reports to find the other threads I was replying to yesterday. ;)

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Originally posted by Park City Skins

I believe that's what the News forum is, but many are posted on Fed Ex as well. With the season nearly starting, I'm getting used to going to page 2 real fast these days, and doing lot's of reading. :cool:


The excitement is starting to build! I can't wait for Thursday!!!


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