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Latest on DT Lional Dalton's contract - Skins may reopen talks

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Dalton's contract stalls deal

By Adam Schefter, Denver Post Sports Writer

The Broncos are willing to make a deal. The hang-up with any potential trade is that defensive tackle Lional Dalton has had trouble striking a deal of his own.

Coach Mike Shanahan said Wednesday that Denver has all but agreed to compensation for Dalton. The problem is, Dalton and his potential new employer have been unable to agree on compensation.

Teams want Dalton to reduce the $1.6 million in base salary he is scheduled to make this season by nearly $1 million. Dalton has balked.

We've got a few teams interested, we've got a good feel about compensation, but I would say the one question mark is, 'What is Lional going to play for?"' Shanahan said. "The compensation from another team is not the problem; the compensation has basically been agreed to. The question is his salary. If somebody wants him in their camp sooner than later, then they have to work out a contract with him and the compensation for us is pretty basic. I don't know if it'll be done in the next couple of days or weeks."

The Broncos have talked with Jacksonville and Baltimore. Also, Denver and Washington - which acquired New Orleans defensive tackle Martin Chase in a trade Wednesday - may reopen trade talks that stalled Tuesday. And the Arizona Cardinals might be a late entrant in the talks for Dalton.

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Dalton eager to leave and find a new team

By Lynn DeBruin, Rocky Mountain News - August 22, 2003

Lional Dalton insists he's willing to take a pay cut this year, and hopes Denver Broncos coach Mike Shanahan simply will release him if he can't finalize a trade soon.

"I understand he might lose a draft pick, but my life is at stake here. It's like playing a poker game with my life, and I'm the little pawn," Dalton said Thursday night.

The Broncos announced last week they intend to trade the veteran defensive tackle since he wasn't going to start and was scheduled to make $1.6 million this season.

Shanahan reportedly wants a fifth-round draft pick as compensation, and claims he has a trade in place if Dalton would agree to restructure his deal.

That's news to Dalton.

"I don't understand why it's my fault (a deal won't go through)," Dalton said.

"It has nothing to do with me. I'm willing to take a pay cut this year, but I'd like my contract intact for next year so if I play good this year I'll get what I'm supposed to get next year."

He believes the problem is teams are gambling that the Broncos will release him outright, and thus he'll come much cheaper.

"I want to get on the field, get in somebody's camp and start learning somebody's system," Dalton said. "I think it would help me get to camp faster if I was released."

Earlier Thursday, Shanahan said he still expects to work a trade.

Asked if he was confident he would get his draft pick, he said, "You never know what you're going to get. I said that from Day 1. We're talking to a number of people and there's still a lot of possibilities."

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the truth as always is somewhere in the middle. Dalton is willing to reduce his contract, but by how much? :)

Denver probably does have a number of suitors for Dalton but was Shanahan being 100% honest when he said ONE team had stepped forward and that a deal was already done? :)

Obviously not.

The more I read about Dalton and the Broncos the less I want to have to do with either party.

Let's wait and see who becomes available after next week's slate of final preseason games.

I bet at least one if not two or even three better players than Dalton step forward onto the market because of salary or age concerns.

At least we might be able to find a DT who has not had the weight and other 'motivation' issues that Dalton has had.

Isn't that why we got rid of Wilkinson? :)

Sure Dalton has lost 35 pounds, because he knew he screwed up and now has to work his way out of the doghouse.

My issue with him, though, is if he has a good 2003 season with another club is the same history going to repeat itself, where he comes in the next spring at 350 like BDW?

If we are going to get a one year rent a player to complement Chase, I want it to be a REAL vet, ie one who has played regularly in the NFL and can bring some leadership to the DL.

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There's something I can't figure out here.

Dalton started the first 13 games for Denver last year. Chester McGlockton started 15 games last year at the other DT position. Denver had a hell of a run defense for the first 13 games last year.

Dalton was benched for the last 3 games when teams started passing on Denver as soon as they got off the bus. We know McGlockton couldn't have been that great the first 13 games, because Denver cut him this spring and no one beat down the doors to sign him [although the NYJets eventually did].

Now granted Dalton may not be worth $1.6 Mil, but if he was so bad last year, who the frig was responsible for the Broncos great run-stopping then? Yeah I know they have good linebackers, but so do we? If Denver's two starting DT's were Swiss cheeze last year, how come teams couldn't run on them?

I think Dalton is a decent tackle, although not worth $1.6 mil. :rolleyes:

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Yes.....that guy, or two or three, that might be cut thats better and younger, more motivated, and hungry is that DT from the Titans Atkins. That thread about him early sparked an interest. Young.... a playmaker... lost in a numbers game in TN. I'll take two please!!!!

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