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FNN - Eagles “Absolutely” Still Considering Cutting Vick


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Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is all the news on Sunday morning.

After news of the shooting at his 30th birthday party in Virginia Beach a report surfaced that the Eagles were strongly considering releasing Vick.

The team was quick in vehemently denying those reports.

However, rumors of a potential release persist. The latest: A high ranking Eagles official told Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports that the option of cutting Vick was “absolutely” on the table.

Per Robinson, Vick has continued to associate himself with Quanis Phillips, cousin and co-defendant in his dog fighting trial, despite court orders barring the quarterback from associating with his fellow dog fighters.

It is Philadelphia’s belief that the Vick’s story about Phillips “crashing” the party may not be very accurate. There wasn’t a strong effort made to keep him away.

“If that guy [Phillips] is going to be around a place, Mike shouldn’t want to be there,” an Eagles source told Robinson.

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Just read a story today that said Vick didn't show up for his own celebrity golf tournament. Seriously, is there a bigger douchebag out there? The guy doesn't get it. And never will. I hope the Eagles dump the guy and he ends up in the CFL, or that other crap league.

The golf tournament was in Atlanta. He can't travel out of PA per his probation.

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