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Jeff George: Another Unbeliever Hits the Road.........


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man, this is a painful process but it appears as if the Redskins are not going to improve until they shake out the remaining holdouts that don't want to make a commitment to the game plans and direction of the coaching staff.

I have criticized Marty for being too rigid, and at times he is, but Jeff George's performance or the lack of it, in this scheme, showed how uncompetitive and unsuitable he truly is for this team, even for just one season.

In any offensive set, an intelligent quarterback with good physical skills should be able to compete and mount some semblance of an attack, given at least a decent supporting cast.

I find it impossible to believe that just because a player likes to throw certain passes or run certain routes as a receiver, that the player can't learn to adapt himself to a new system or way of doing things and not completely unravel the way Jeff George did.

That said, I think we all knew he was a one year rent a quarterback who was here mainly because Snyder wanted him in 2000 and he had a multiyear contract in place.

Given a big war chest, I think you would have seen the Redskins go after Elvis Grbac.

this year is turning out to be worse than anyone could have imagined.

in my mind the job of weeding out the players that are dissenters is still not complete unfortunately. now when the team is losing you will see the rats come out of the woodwork. perhaps this will save the team some time in getting rid of some others that are on the fence.

from his words and deeds it appears as if Bruce Smith wants to pack it in or at least is beginning to rumble about it.

these feelings are natural for a 17 year veteran with nothing left to prove.

but for a team trying to build a foundation for the future, this type of veteran "leader" sets the younger players back with his attitude. He didn't like camp, he didn't like all the offseason moves, he didn't like the idea that he would be spotted at end to keep him fresh. The negativity surrounding Smith is just a level below that exhibited by Jeff George.

And frankly we don't need it. Neither player is or was performing at a high level and at 38 and 33 years of age, were on the short track at Redskins Park anyway.

a positive veteran influence comes from players such as Marco Coleman and Dave Szott that go out each Sunday and compete on each play. they don't complain every time adversity sets in. they work through the adversity.

Now, I am not saying that Marty has not made some personnel gaffes, because he has. He needed an insurance policy at qb precisely because Jeff George was a potential team buster. He also needed to sort out the situation at guard before the last two preseason games.

You can't tell me that an experienced offensive line coach could not have observed that neither Fletcher or Moore was starting caliber material by the second minicamp? That Matt Campbell came off a team that had allowed 69 sacks last year and was among the worst in the NFC?

And of course there was the conscious decision to let the defensive line situation fester for another year with some questionable candidates in reserve behind some aging starters. With Marco out this could be costly.

But Marty has made some good moves as well. Gardner and Smoot were good picks. Brandt is raw but a player that competes on every play and will get better over time. Other youngsters such as McCants, Ohalete, Terrell, Pierce and Ross Tucker might have significant roles here over time as well.

But these younger players are looking to the veterans for leadership and so far they have only been shown the back end side of this supposed leadership.

As I posted a couple of days ago, the core of those thought to be leaders on this team on paper are exactly those players who are either resisting the new system, performing poorly, or are becoming vocal in their dissatisfaction with the team:

Jeff George, Bruce Smith, Michael Westbrook, Stephen Alexander, etc............

Time to root 'em out and turn the page on the Norv holdovers........................

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Marty saw George EVERY DAY so it's a little unsettling that it took him this long to realize he was trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

With all the O-Line changes, I really wish he'd signed Flutie when given the chance. For this team to be competitive, it has to have a QB that can move around and run from time to time. I don't see that we have that. Marty has GOT to become more flexible if he wants to win any games this year.

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I don't buy$ it. How could you go through training camp(Marty)and 2 games into the season and say that George looks sharp and should have no problem running this offense and all the players say the same(westbrook). Was it all a lie?

So here we have Marty and the team saying George looks sharp during practice, but then during a live game the offense starts to sputter. Not only sputter but just plain ole flop and I mean worst than a duck. I never seen such incompetence in a offense on a professional football team.

Now! I don't think it's all on Jeff and we all know this. but, whats up with the coaches and coaching. Even the commentators were kind of laughing about how Martys love for teaching opposed to the game itself. But when do you asy enough is enough. This is madness man...are we at a point were the coach had to find a escape goat(Jeff). Like you were saying Bulldog or one of you guys. You mean to tell me you can't take a QB like george and atleast adjust to some of his strengths inorder to sustain a drive (remarkable).

Marty may be just to stubborn to say his selection in staff is starting to show. Now! I'm going to keep hope alive. But if we continue to look like a bunch of high schoolers when it comes to the offense, Marty better start finding some answers quick.

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I don't know, in retrospect perhaps we should have seen the writing on the wall.

1. Marty, who admittedly NEVER has a quarterback controversy, pulls George in game one.

2. Even while naming George the starting QB for the 2nd game Marty had Banks taking snaps with the starting offense.

Perhaps knowing that George was Synder's hand-picked man Marty was playing a little politics by appearing to hand the offense over to Jeff while all the time plotting to cut him eventually.


"The Kurp"

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in my post above I am not supporting Marty's decision to go with a WCO when he lacked the players to best execute it.

What I am saying is that regardless of Marty's other bumblings, Jeff George and Michael Westbrook are not the type of players that are going to be productive cogs on a championship team. They just lack the competitiveness and humility to make the necessary sacrifices. Top talents find a way to be go out and win even when the circumstances are not especially to their liking.

At this point of his career Bruce Smith is also in the category of transitional player. He won't be here when this team is ready to contend whether that is 2002, 2003 or beyond. His play has already started to slide even from last season and his comments about possibly bailing out certainly helped to send a chill through the team.

Now, perhaps Marty is going to turn out to be another one of the problems instead of the solution.

He doesn't appear able to reach this group of players, or maybe the problem is that he has refused to come off his mountain and just TRY and do so.

Hiring his brother and son for his staff is an example of empire-building.

But, let's not make the mistake of believing that because Marty's style and system don't seemingly fit the players at hand that means their lack of professional conduct or performance on the field while being paid a lot of money to play a kid's game is justified in any way.

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Excellent post, Bulldog. You made a number of good points.

Every organization has a culture. I think we all know that the culture during Norv's reign was rather lax and contributed to his mediocre record. Then Dan came in last year and further corrupted the culture by coddling the overpriced stars. No wonder a lot of the veterans are saying now "I don't need this #!%&"

Also, as you said, any quarterback, regardless of his preferences, has to be able to make the short throws with some regularity. Jeff has not. Which makes me wonder if there is more to this than the square peg/round hole theory.

Does anybody besides Jeff and the coaching staff know the real situation with Jeff's arm? If his arm is still giving him problems that could affect his confidence and explain his lack of performance? Something is definitely wrong.

And Marty with his disinformation may be hurting himself. He goes on and on about how Jeff is OK, but is he? Then he goes on about how it is not Jeff's fault and then cuts him. Marty is creating a credibility gap that may do him in. The players are doubting him, the fans are doubting him, how confident can Dan be?

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Sailor, Marty might be the most disingenuous head coach I have ever seen...............

He has consistently lead us in one direction regarding a player's progress and then come full circle by either releasing or benching the same player in the next breath.

This has gone on since April. There was Husak, Fletcher, Moore, Bryan Johnson, Derrick Ham.......All of these players were by comments made by Marty progressing well or showing some definite ability to step up and contribute.

Then we get to the preseason games and NONE of them can play!

Husak, Fletcher and Moore are knocked out almost immediately. Ham takes three games. Finally, Bryan Johnson does make the team but only after Donnell Bennett is brought in to be the full-time starter.

Anyone remember Mark Fischer? This was the offensive lineman who had the BEST camp according to Marty. And yet when injuries hit, where was Fischer?

he took reps at guard and was complimented in August. In September he was forgotten. The replacement for Brandt, Campbell has looked dreadful.

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when you replace perhaps the greatest player in modern franchise history in the starting lineup you need to make sure that his replacement does him justice on the field.

It was a lucky thing for Marty that Fred Smoot came along, because the thought of Donovan Greer being a starter ahead of even a 41 year old Darrell Green is nauseating to say the least

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No matter WTF you think about Norv, even his worst teams could score now and then. Terry Allen running behind a average line with Gus at QB broke Riggin's rushing record.

Not that I want Norv back, but what kind of friggin WCO are they installing? It doesn't look anything like Oakland's, GB's, or Denver's. And since when is Stephen Davis (or Ki-Jana Carter) like Roger Craig, Charlie Garner, or Ricky Watters?

There are so many things about our offense that mystfies me. Can't our guys block? Can't our receivers get separation? Can't our QBs make a hot read?

THE SYSTEM has some 'splaining to do.

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SkinsThug, my sentiments exactly, even though I eventually didn't like Norv.

Bulldog, you're on point with the notice that Bruce Smith "isn't a "per-se" leader" and is the most bitc*iest mode I have ever seen him. The players that seem to have the most gripes, also seem to be way off on production, like a their backing into a corner, while being assaulted.

The conscience mind is something else when you know "he's watching you" and "you know what he's going to do next year, if not sooner" (you're lucky there's a salary cap!).

Now if you think Mr. George doesn't silently whisper division among teammates, consider this:

With all the prior teams, the most noticeable impact he had on the lockerroom and on the field was chaos and disruption of any continuity and team spirit - Thus the Vike were already working with his "subtle" degrees of what was thought of as, "harmless" comments among the players, but would turn out to be underachieving units with him at the helm. Atlanta, Indianapolis, Washington, and Oakland learned that. The Minnesota Vikings were the most uninspired 15-1 team in sports history when the most important time came - The playoffs.

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