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National Institute of Finance (offshoot of the Biden Jumbo Challenge Thread)


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I am a Republican leaner, so I was trying to think of Democrats who I liked. Don't ask me why, but I've been listening to a lot of Congressional hearings, primarily in the financial sector due to the reform that was/is going on. So I was trying to think of Democrats there I liked.

Dodd (the chairman)? No, this guy is a schill.

Schumer? Hell no. I have realized now that while Dodd may be a schill, Schumer is a coniving, crafting, smart hack schill; and a filthy liar to boot, even for a politician.

Eventually I came across Jack Reed, Democrat RI. He has been pushing a bill to establish the National Institute of Finance. This would be an Independent Government Agency with responsibility of monitoring systematic risk in the financial system.

Unfortunately, it looks like the functions got taken by the Federal Reserve in the Senate bill... maybe the NIF will return after conference committee?

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