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CNN: Tropical storm leaves at least 115 dead in Central America


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(CNN) -- At least 115 people have died after a tropical storm battered Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador over the weekend, officials in those countries reported.

Guatemala was hit hardest, with at least 92 deaths, 54 people missing and 59 injured, emergency officials said. Nearly 112,000 people have been evacuated and more than 29,000 are living in temporary shelters, Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom said in an address to the nation late Sunday.

The devastation has been widespread throughout Guatemala with mudslides destroying homes and buildings and burying some victims. At least nine rivers have dramatically higher levels and 13 bridges have collapsed, the nation's emergency services said.

In the northern part of Guatemala City, the downpour created a giant sinkhole that swallowed up a space larger than the area of a street intersection. Residents told CNN that a three-story building and a house fell into the hole.


Okay, I just gotta say... that is a freakin' awesome sinkhole. I love karst systems.

Oh, and too bad about all of the people that died...

Edit: Figured we could use some pics.




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Look at the top picture for 20seconds.

then look at the second picture just over the statue of liberty.

If you see a lighter black set of eyes than the surrounding.

Ohhh yeah! your going to hell.

You might want to say they look like parenthesis, not eyes.. but you know.

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